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SRS release 5.0.1

Thure etzold at croma
Tue May 6 13:19:07 EST 1997

Dear all,

Version 5.0.5 is the first version where all buttons and hypertext
links in SRSWWW should be functional. This includes the SAVE button!

We added a command line option for wgetz that will allow us to
download all information about all databanks of your server. The reports 
from all servers will be compiled into a searchable database of databanks 
that will replace the 'status page' of SRS4. Please create .it files for 
databanks you add (see 'SRSDB:template.it' and 'SRSDB:swissprot.it' for 
an example).

We added menus, check lists, multiple selects to the query forms - we
are sure it is an improvement in some cases but maybe not always - please
give us feedback!

As an incentive for you to write .i, .is and .it files: you can see them
now in color through the 'databank information page'.

The file is at ftp://ftp.ebi.ac.uk/pub/software/unix/srs/srs5.0.5.tar.gz

Release notes:

SRS version 5.0.5

1)  Added menus, check lists and multiple select lists to query forms in 
    SRSWWW. This can be customized in the ".i" files using attribute 
    .guiInfo of $field and $srsfield and $guiInfo.
2)  Added a new function 'PageFlatInfo' to wgetz so that all information about
    all databank served by SRSWWW can be obtained via a WWW call. This is the
    foundation for building the 'database of databanks' which will appear once
    a 'critical mass' of SRS5 servers has been installed.
3)  The 'Save' works finally from a single entry, entry list and query
4)  All buttons and hypertext links in SRSWWW should now be fully functional.
5)  Many little problems have been fixed in the ".i" and ".is" files and a few
    have been added (not problems but .i and .is files! ...maybe also 
6)  The .i, .it, .is pages accessible through the 'databank information page'
    can now be seen in color which is done by 'SRSICA:colicarus.i'
7)  The files 'SRSDB:srsdb.i' and 'SRSDB:srsgen.i' can be also accessed in the
    'databank information page'.
8)  All Icarus examples in the SRS documentation are also colorized.
9)  Quite a few sections have been added to the chapter 'SRS Server 
    Maintenance', however, they still need a bit of reviewing.
10) Subentries (features) from EMBLNEW, SWISSPROTNEW can now be safely 
11) The sequence of protein databanks have now the correct size 
12) The link to the status page has been replaced by a list of SRS5 servers 
    which will be eventually have a link to the database of databanks.
13) All Icarus functions are now documented and listed within groups

Known problems with this release
see also problems with 5.0.2 (srs.relnotes) - none of these have been fixed, 
instead there is now a new parsing error when doing 'srsinstall doc' 
...don't worry about that!

Thure Etzold,   etzold at ebi.ac.uk
Giorgio Verde, verde at ebi.ac.uk
5.May, 1997

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