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Carry on others ! ( non JavaScript likers ?)

chenna at embl-heidelberg.de chenna at embl-heidelberg.de
Fri Apr 3 04:49:15 EST 1998

Let us do it!

Add the following function  to wgetz.c

static void PageSelectLibrary();

static void PageSelectLibrary()

  if (ParGetBool("isJava") ) {
  else {


   PageSelectLibraryOld()  to


 PageSelectLibrary() to

Add the following to   icarus/util/parameter.i

     $parameter:["isJava" type:bool num:0
      comment:"Supports for JavaScript "]

Add the following  to   icarus/util/arglist.i

   $arg:[name:"-java"  parameter:"isJava"]

add the following in the srswww.i   under section

$selectLibraryActive=  ,   somewhere

    |<IMG SRC=/srs5/images/achtung.gif ALIGN=middle>
    |<H2>SRS requires a javascript enabled browser</H2>
    |<I> Enable javascript option in the preferences menu of your browser </I>
    | <A HREF=($ParStr:cgidir)/wgetz?-start> Restart without javaScript </A>

do a   srssection  and
srsmake wgetz

Now it is ready, you can use javaScript functionality with


Now the default is no Java !

Cheers !


Chenna Ramu; EMBL; Postfach 10.2209; 69012 Heidelberg; Germany.
Email: chenna at embl-heidelberg.de
   Url: http://www.embl-heidelberg.de/~chenna/
   Tel: (49) 6221 387530 (Off) ; Fax: (49) 6221 387517

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