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Carry on others ! ( non JavaScript likers ?)

Ramu Chenna chenna
Fri Apr 3 04:47:40 EST 1998

Hello SRS Admins,

There was a rumour that SRS lost 90-% of its users !

The problem with srs5.1 wgetz was that it does not allow people to continue, 
who turned off their javascript enable button!

Let us do it!

Add the following function  to wgetz.c

static void PageSelectLibrary();

static void PageSelectLibrary()

  if (ParGetBool("isJava") ) {
  else {


   PageSelectLibraryOld()  to

 PageSelectLibrary() to

Add the following to   icarus/util/parameter.i

     $parameter:["isJava" type:bool num:0
      comment:"Supports for JavaScript "]

Add the following  to   icarus/util/arglist.i

   $arg:[name:"-java"  parameter:"isJava"]

add the following in the srswww.i   under section

$selectLibraryActive=  ,   somewhere

    |<IMG SRC=/srs5/images/achtung.gif ALIGN=middle>
    |<H2>SRS requires a javascript enabled browser</H2>
    |<I> Enable javascript option in the preferences menu of your browser </I>
    | <A HREF=($ParStr:cgidir)/wgetz?-start> Restart without javaScript </A>

do a   srssection  and 
srsmake wgetz

Now it is ready, you can use javaScript functionality with 


Now the default is no Java !

Cheers !


Chenna Ramu; EMBL; Postfach 10.2209; 69012 Heidelberg; Germany.
Email: chenna at embl-heidelberg.de
   Url: http://www.embl-heidelberg.de/~chenna/
   Tel: (49) 6221 387530 (Off) ; Fax: (49) 6221 387517

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