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How to get FREE MS sotrfware Read on to SEE


Thats right, increase your average Internet down
load and up load throughput by at least 100%.

Everyone running Windows 95 or Windows 98,
ALL versions and languages, may take advantage
of this simple but powerful tool. Sorry Mac owners.

It works with ALL browser's and Clients, any ISP
and , Yes, AOL too. No special phone lines
required. No other costs, period! Indeed, if you
access the Internet via long distance or pay any
other 'timed' charges, you will see a noticeable
reduction in those costs.

Turn your 14.4 K modem into the equivalent of a
28.8 K modem, your 28.8 K into a 56 K or make
your 56 K unit blaze at ISDN speeds !

It works equally well with all modem types, models
and brands. It works with any SLIP or PPP type
Internet connection. If you use a 14.4 K to 56 K
modem for your Internet connection: This will
work for you !!!

On the average you will double your Internet
speed on the Web, with e-mail, news groups,
FTP and all of your other Internet data transfers.
Audio and Video will come alive.

Impossible you say ! Double my Internet
speed for just $3 ? No way, can't be done!
Then you must be one of the few that believe
Microsoft does everything perfectly ?

In their infinite wisdom, Microsoft saw fit
to optimize the communications platform
of their latest Operating Systems for
maximum Local Area Network (LAN)
performance, not the Internet.

Simply put, it all has to do with packet transfer
size and fragmentation. Windows 95/98
work with a 1500 bit packet size. This is
perfect for LAN use, but not so for the Intent
standard of 576 bits per packet. This difference
in size causes packet fragmentation, requiring
the same data to be sent over and over again,
until it all gets through. By resetting the packet
size for optimal Internet performance you
eliminate fragmentation and very noticeably
increase your data throughput !

This is not new information. It just has not
been widely known. Show any networking
expert the above paragraph and they will
confirm these facts.

Why did Microsoft set the packet size to
this value ? To be fair to Microsoft, they
had to set it to some value. As Windows
is used extensively on LAN's also, maybe
it was decided by the flip of a coin. What's
important is, how can you safely and quickly
change your packet size for best Internet use
and, if need be, back for the LAN ?

Up until several months ago, the only way to
make the necessary changes was slow, difficult
and dangerous. You had to manually alter
two basic files of the Windows operating
system. This was not a practical or safe
procedure for the average user to undertake.

About a year ago a few program utilities, that
helped ease the process, became available.
Until three months ago, these utilities only
offered a marginal improvement over the
old manual way. Now there is a clear leader
among these utilities, that makes it quick,
easy and safe to make these changes.
Now anyone may double the speed of
their Internet connection !

How to get FREE Software !


You would spend hours to find all this information

These programs are free and you could find them on
your own. After several weeks of searching,
trial and error, and a few system crashes,
you might know what we offer for only $3.

In just a few days you too will be enjoying
this exciting new technology. Within 24
hours of receipt of your order, we'll email
you all the info needed along with a special
code and web site to down load the utility.

Here is what you do to ORDER the speed
doubling utility and related information:

You have a few options:

1) Take a blank letter size piece of paper
and clearly print the following on it:

HERE'S MY $3, SEND INTERNET X-2, (your name)
(Your e-mail address)

Now wrap three one dollar bills (US) in the
paper with your email address on it, put it
in an envelope and mail it to:

2X Internet
P.O. BOX 451334

As I'm trying to develop a solid
reputation of providing high value
information at a low cost,

Send your Internet X-2 order TODAY.
In a few days you will double your
Internet speed !

Thank You ..... Ben

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