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Bio-Mirrors for SRS data sets

Don Gilbert gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu
Tue Nov 30 13:51:48 EST 1999

Dear SRS folks,

To keep biosequence and related data sets updated for the
Bio-Mirror project I work with,
I've written a set of automating Perl packages.  These
are tailored to my local uses, but may be adapted to other
servers using these data.

See this url for available Bio-Mirror databanks 

See here for the software which automates databank
updating (including srs indexing when done locally).
This software is still under development, but it seems to be 
working out.

Tim Littlejohn suggested we add SRS indices to the Bio-Mirror set, 
to allow folks to copy them rather than run SRS build jobs locally.  
That sounds like it could be useful.  Does anyone have comments?

Those of you who push around gigabytes of bioinformatic
data on the Internet are welcome to make use of
Bio-Mirror archives of these, and to join this group
in providing other points of public access to this data.

Bio-Mirrors are a world bioinformatic public service for
high-speed access to up-to-date DNA & protein
biological sequence databanks. These databanks
have been being growing so rapidly that
distribution is hampered by existing Internet

The Bio-Mirror project provides high-speed access,
with nighly updates, to these large data sets, some
exceeding 10 Gigabytes. Project sites are connected
with Internet2 infrastructure of vBNS, Abilene,
TransPAC, and the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network
(APAN). To learn more, see http://www.bio-mirror.net/

     Bio-Mirror USA at IUBio, Databank status
     15 Gigabytes (compressed)
     Tuesday, 30 November 1999
Section             Size(Mb)      Updated  Databank source
---------------     --------     --------  ----------------
blast                   2159  29-Nov-1999  Blast DB from NCBI
blocks/data-blocks         5  25-Nov-1999  BLOCKS from NCBI
blocks/data-prints         8  25-Nov-1999  PRINTS from NCBI
ddbj/daily_updates      1150  28-Nov-1999  DDBJ daily from AFFRC/bio-mirror
ddbj/regular_release    3434  03-Nov-1999  DDBJ from AFFRC/bio-mirror
embl/new                 728  29-Nov-1999  EMBL daily from EBI
embl/release            2100  16-Sep-1999  EMBL from EBI
enzyme                     2  23-Jul-1999  Enzyme from ExPASy
genbank                 4557  29-Nov-1999  GenBank from NCBI
genbank/daily-nc        1017  29-Nov-1999  GenBank daily nc updates from NCBI
interpro                   8  12-Nov-1999  InterPro Protein databank from EBI
meowgenes/arabidopsis      1  20-Oct-1999  Arabidopsis locus data from TAIR
meowgenes/celegans       122  29-Nov-1999  C. elegans AceDB data from NCBI
meowgenes/fish             1  18-Jun-1999  Zebrafish Genome data from ZFIN
meowgenes/fly             51  24-Nov-1999  Drosophila Genes from FlyBase
meowgenes/human            2  22-Nov-1999  LocusLink data from NCBI
meowgenes/mouse            2  29-Nov-1999  Mouse Genome data from MGD
pfam                     148  18-Nov-1999  Pfam from WUSTL
pir                       94  07-Oct-1999  PIR from NCBI
prosite                    3  19-Aug-1999  Prosite from ExPASy
rebase                     1  19-Oct-2000  Rebase from neb.com
srs-databanks              3  27-Nov-1999  SRS databank info from EBI
swissprot                 81  20-Nov-1999  SwissProt main data from ExPASy
swissprot/updates          2  20-Nov-1999  SwissProt new data from ExPASy
taxonomy/ebi               3  28-Nov-1999  Taxonomy data from EBI
taxonomy/ncbi              2  30-Nov-1999  Taxonomy data from NCBI
trembl                   129  20-Nov-1999  TrEMBL from ExPASy
unigene                  403  29-Nov-1999  Unigene from NCBI

-- d.gilbert--bioinformatics--indiana-u--bloomington-in-47405
-- gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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