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Compiling problems with SRS 5.1

Martin Sarachu martin at SOL.BIOL.UNLP.EDU.AR
Thu Sep 2 09:55:49 EST 1999

> In article <37CD4027.8440A5F7 at sol.biol.unlp.edu.ar>,
> Martin Sarachu wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >im getting this error when i try to compile SRS 5.1 in a Sun Ultrasparc with gcc
> >
> >make for Solaris with parameters: msgdef
> >gcc -Xa -I/export/home/martin/temp/srs/bin/solaris -O2 -D__ODD
> >-DSRSINCLUDE=\"srs5.h\" -c -o
> >/export/home/martin/temp/srs/bin/solaris/msgdef.o msgdef.c
> >gcc: unrecognized option `-Xa'
> >gcc -Xa -I/export/home/martin/temp/srs/bin/solaris -o
> >/export/home/martin/temp/srs/bin/solaris/msgdef
> >/export/home/martin/temp/srs/bin/solaris/msgdef.o
> >gcc: unrecognized option `-Xa'
> >srsmake: end
> >Segmentation Fault - core dumped
> >srsinstall: Stopping due to Error 139
> >
> -Xa is an option for the Sun cc compiler. I think the automatic scripts
> for SRS assume you are using sun's compiler, even if you are using gcc.
> You will need to find the place in the srsinstall stuff where the
> compiler options are set, and remove the -Xa option.
> Tim.

Hi Tim

I removed -Xa option and still getting the same error, could it be a problem with gcc?
This was the output

> make for Solaris with parameters: msgdef
> gcc  -I/export/home/martin/temp/srs/bin/solaris  -O2 -D__ODD -DSRSINCLUDE=\"srs5.h\" -c -o /export/home/martin/temp/srs/bin/solaris/msgdef.o msgdef.c
> gcc  -I/export/home/martin/temp/srs/bin/solaris  -o /export/home/martin/temp/srs/bin/solaris/msgdef /export/home/martin/temp/srs/bin/solaris/msgdef.o
> srsmake: end
> Segmentation Fault - core dumped
> srsinstall: Stopping due to Error 139


Martin Sarachu
   E-mail: martin at sol.biol.unlp.edu.ar
Red Latinoamericana de Ciencias Biologicas (RELAB)
EMBnet Argentina

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