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Reinhard Doelz doelz
Fri Aug 19 10:27:31 EST 1994

The Newsgroup bionet.software.www is archived, as all newsgroups, 
at the net.bio.net site, and available to be browsed like any other 
newsgroup archive (see previous posting). 

This newsgroup, additionally, keys contributions in 'html' documents 
so that links are resolved in the 'hypertext' system, and may point 
to the contribution of the originators, or the subject of the message, 

This server runs at the Biocomputing Facility of Basel University. The URL 
for this server is 


and has the following structure: 

   o Contributions to the Group   [this is a chronological, marked-up page] 

      o Servers                   [for services affecting retrieval or search
                                   engines, both announcements and updates]

      o Archives                  [for archives of data and any kind of massive

      o Descriptions              [for site descriptions who update or announce
                                   a site running a server]

      o Discussion                [any discussion on topics above, as well as 
                                   implementation or systematic issues. ] 

   o Keith Robison's WWW Server Index page [Link to the site where all bio-www
                                   servers are registered]. 

To access the information provided by this and remote WWW sites you need a 
program (called WWW client or browser) that allows to communicate with 
the remote WWW server. The browser may either be locally installed or on 
a remote computer. If you are directly connected to the Internet it is 
recommended to install the client software locally. The disadvantage of 
accessing the Web by a remotely running client is a lack of full 
functionality and poorer performance. 

If your computer is directly connected to the Internet and you want to 
use WWW, you should install a browser. The advantages of a locally 
running browser are full functionality and better performance. WWW 
browsers are available for most environments including:

* MacOS 7.x
* MS Windows 3.x
* NeXTStep
* OSF/1
* Ultrix
* X11/Motif

WWW browser software is copyrighted but usually free for academic use. 
Specifically, WWW browser software is available from FTP.NCSA.UIUC.EDU
in the /Mosaic directory, or VMS versions possibly on info.cern.ch.

Reinhard Doelz

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