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[Q] Newbie Question

Reinhard Doelz doelz
Tue Aug 23 04:58:11 EST 1994

Steven Finkelman (slfink at netcom.com) wrote:
: I am using a remote server.  I have a pc, I dial into a pop as a terminal,
: and communicate with netcom.  netcom communicates with the world.  

"I can use electronic mail and a VT100 terminal type. Can I use WWW? "

Answer 1 - electronic mail: 

The option to receive HTML files by electronic mail requires that you 
run a program which allows for 'local' loads of HTML files. This means 
that any file which is in html can be loaded from disk, and displayed 
nicely. This is a _formatting_ process. As soon as you access a link which 
is pointing to a http or any other resource which is unavailable to your 
station interpreting the file locally, you will fail. 


Yes you can read HTML files if received from electronic mail. However, 
the 'surfing on the net' requires that you have interactive access to the 
internet with a 
<a href = http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/Clients> 
suitable client program </a> called 'WWW browser'.  

Answer 2 - VT100: 

Despite the fact that 'Mosaic' is much nicer to use and allows the 
display of in-line images and various goodies associated with graphics, 
< a href=http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/Lynx/Status.html> LYNX </a>
browser allows you to utilize plain VT100 type of communications. The display 
of graphics *in-line* is not possible and you have to hope that people 
used something as a replacement (e.g., the 'ALT' directive like the 
<img src=http://www.ch.embnet.org/embnet.news/vol1_1/item.gif alt= +> 
This will have displayed the graphics 'gif' as in-lined image but on LYNX 
it will be visible only as '+' character. If it were 
<a href = http://www.ch.embnet.org/embnet.news/vol1_1/item.gif> an image </a> 
then this would be  a hypertext link to a external image, and, depending 
on how LYNX is configured, it can possibly handle this by archiving the 
file on disk 
and allowing a conversion into a printable format. 


You can possibly run WWW in very convenient way on VT100 if you do not 
require clickable images (type ISMAP) or in-line images (those pages which 
come with graphics) that do not have a textual representation.
LYNX is used my many people out there and it runs on many platforms. 

: What software is there use html format pages?

If you run a WWW browser locally, there is the page at Cern which lists 
all possible clients, including those for Mac and PC. 
: Is there a better terminal type I can set my emulator to than vt-100?
:      (communication package is procomm plus v2.0 for windows)

There is no ultimate need to do so - VT100 is fine for LYNX, and Mosaic
is graphics-driven anyway. 


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