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A suggestion for writing links in bionet.software.www (Re: How to

Reinhard Doelz doelz
Tue Aug 23 07:41:13 EST 1994

> I DO need help though

Ok, here is how it goes. You write a normal text document as you would 
write an eMail contribution. Then, we suggest that you use a new line 
for each hypertext line you insert, in order to have it readable as well 
in a non-html'ed environment. 
<p> (the insertion of 'p' tags blows up the text as it is useful to 
html'ization but might be confusing to ASCII type readers. We will insert
these on the announcement or contribution of yours.) 
<p> The use of blank lines 

(here was one) is recommended to structure the text for non-HTML environments.

As an example, if you refer to the 
<a href=ftp://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov> NCBI file server </a>
this line is fairly readable. Similarly, a link to Don Gilbert's 
<a href=gopher://fly.bio.indiana.edu/> Gopher </a> 
would make a link to a Gopher easily readable. Last, normal hypertext is 
<a href=http://golgi.harvard.edu/biopages.html> Keith's server </a>
as an example for a meta index. 
<a name=note>
If you would like to write a document which is suitable to be large 
enough that you can use internal pointers, those do not need the http 
prefix (in fact, they would hurt, as they avoid to approach the local 
document as they point outside rather than to internal notes. To point 
to the name 'note' as above, it were sufficient to se a 
<a href=#note> simple internal pointer </a> 
like this one. One last note; depending on your environment the link to news
<a href=news:bionet.announce> bionet </a>
might or might not work, depending on your news configuration. 


(PS: There is a good primer at 
<a href=http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/General/Internet/WWW/HTMLPrimer.html> NCSA </a>
on setup of HTML pages and sophisticated details. )

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