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Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at SCI.WFEB.EDU
Tue Aug 23 12:58:35 EST 1994

[this is the original reply, part 2 is the reply referring to this post.]

In article <1994Aug19.152731.14854 at comp.bioz.unibas.ch>, doelz (Reinhard Doelz) writes:
> The Newsgroup bionet.software.www is archived, as all newsgroups, 
> at the net.bio.net site, and available to be browsed like any other 
> newsgroup archive (see previous posting). 
> This newsgroup, additionally, keys contributions in 'html' documents 
> so that links are resolved in the 'hypertext' system, and may point 
> to the contribution of the originators, or the subject of the message, 
> respectively. 
> This server runs at the Biocomputing Facility of Basel University. The URL 
> for this server is 
>          ============================================
>           http://www.ch.embnet.org/bio-www/info.html
>          ============================================
	Could the posting of URL's in this group be formatted as links:
This server runs at the Biocomputing Facility of Basel University the link
for this server is:
	<A HREF="http://www.ch.embnet.org/bio-www/info.html"
	>WWW in Biology</A>
	We could then access the messages via a WWW client, check out the
link right then and there, and add it to our hotlists/bookmark_files with
maximum efficiency and no strain on our failing memories.
 Foteos Macrides           Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology
 MACRIDES at SCI.WFEB.EDU     222 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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