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[DE] Update of WWW Schiz. pombe page

"Frans Hochstenbach"fransh at Box-f.nih.gov "Frans Hochstenbach"fransh at Box-f.nih.gov
Thu Dec 14 05:00:52 EST 1995

[ Article crossposted from bionet.molbio.yeast ]
[ Posted on Wed, 13 Dec 1995 09:20:37 GMT ]

Dear yeast-interested colleagues,

I have updated the WWW Schiz. pombe page of the NIH Campus Yeast Interest
Group at URL


What's new?  Well, information on

* genomic sequencing project for Chromosome III
* plans for a Pombe Workshop at the GSA meeting in August, 1996.
* plans for a Cold Spring Harbor course on pombe in November, 1996.
* Schiz. pombe culture collections.
* English translation of excerpts of Beijerinck's 1897 paper on the
isolation of asporogenic strains of fission yeast Schiz. octosporus from
dried currants and figs.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed information for these
Schiz. pombe pages, especially

* Mitsuoki Morimyo for sharing his current research efforts on cDNA sequencing,
* Ted Crump for translating the Beijerinck paper on Schiz. octosporus,
* Paul Young for sharing his plans for a Pombe Workshop and CSH course,
* David Yarrow for advice on interpreting early Schizosaccharomyces papers,
* Simon Mercer for arranging public access to the Lawrist4 cosmid sequence,
* Susan Forsburg for letting me know about her WWW Schiz. pombe pages, and
* Tom Chappell for providing a current fax number of the National
Collection of Yeast Cultures.

If you have information you want to share with the Schiz. pombe community
world-wide, please let me know, and I can either add it directly to our
WWW Schiz. pombe page, or place a hyperlink to your WWW pages.  The next
update is scheduled for spring, 1996.

Also, each member of the NIH Campus Yeast Interest Group, now, has a WWW
Home Page, after Michael Lichten submitted his research interests for URL


Yours, ---Frans
Frans Hochstenbach
fransh at Box-f.nih.gov

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