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GDB & OMIM Training via WWW

David David
Mon Jan 16 13:39:12 EST 1995

[ Article crossposted from bionet.molbio.gdb ]
[ Posted on Mon, 16 Jan 1995 12:16:53 GMT ]

                    GDB & OMIM On-line Training
                              via the
                           World Wide Web

Dear Users of GDB and OMIM;

	We are pleased to announce our on-line training course for
GDB & OMIM.  If you have a WWW browser on your workstation, PC or
Macintosh, simply point it to:


and begin!

	The course can be taken in two modes: interactively, with
a parallel GDB or OMIM session, so you may try the commands as they
are described, or passively, reading and looking at the results shown
in the screen "snap-shots" included on the pages. I recommend the
interactive mode.

	Users attempting the entire course, trying the examples and
checking the results, should set aside about six hours. Further, I
suggest using three hours on each of two days.

	This course is continually updated. I try to make certain
the answers to the example questions are current with the databases,
but with daily updates to the databases, you might notice some
differences between my answers and yours. Please TELL ME when you
find a discrepancy, and I'll correct it!

	Finally, please note that I have tried to take full advantage
of the graphics capabilities of most WWW servers; if you find yourself
on a S L O W connection to our facility, and the pages take
inconveniently long to load, try turning OFF the "automatic image
loading" feature of your WWW client. For example, in the Options
menu of NCSA Mosaic, select
	"Delay Image Loading".
In Mosaic Netscape, go to the Options menu and de-select
	"Auto Load Images".
Those of you using Lynx, the text-only WWW browsing tool, will miss
the graphics, of course, but can compensate by printing the pages
and using them to guide you through an active GDB or OMIM session.

	Best of luck, and please contact me with suggestions for

David Featherston

David Featherston
Research Geneticist &					CAOS/CAMM Center,
	Computational Genetics Consultant		P.O. Box 9010,
davidf at caos.kun.nl					6500 GL, Nijmegen
dwf11 at phx.cam.ac.uk					The Netherlands
dfeather at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk					+31 (0)80 653383 tlf
http://www.caos.kun.nl/davidf.html			+31 (0)80 652977 FAX
	The CAOS/CAMM Center is the Dutch GDB Node & EMBnet Node

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