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[SE] Oligo Vital Stats/Bipartite NLS Locator

"Chong-YeeKhoo"cyk10 at cus.cam.ac.uk "Chong-YeeKhoo"cyk10 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Sat Sep 9 09:09:52 EST 1995

This is a quick pointer to two Web utilities which may be of interest 
to users of this group. Since the announcement in July, additional 
features have been incorporated and miscellaneous bugs have been fixed. 
You can now "cut and paste" into the forms - the (Frontier) CGIs will 
automatically weed out carriage returns, line feeds, spaces, etc.

Oligo Vital Stats 
URL: http://cy-mac.welc.cam.ac.uk/oligo_form.html

Accepts an oligo sequence and sends back useful information on it such as 
length, composition, percentage GC content, molecular mass, melting point 
(calculated by 2 methods), and various molar and concentration equivalents. 
The oligo can (optionally) be given a name, and the salt concentration can 
be changed.

Bipartite Nuclear Localisation Sequence Locator
URL: http://cy-mac.welc.cam.ac.uk/biploc_form.html

Runs a search through an amino acid sequence, looking for bipartite nuclear 
localisation sequences (pair of basics + spacer of any 10 amino acids + 
cluster of 3/5 basics, Robbins, et al., (1991) Cell 64, 615-623). Options 
include a choice of spacer length, and also two search methods (Faster and 
More Comprehensive).

I hope you find these useful, and would welcome any comments and suggestions.

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