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Wed Nov 6 19:52:17 EST 1996


"All the Virology on the WWW"
(http://www.tulane.edu/~dmsander/garryfavweb.html) is pleased to announce
updates of interest to our users:

        - "The Big Picture Book of Viruses" continues to grow.....

	-  Results of our recent survey regarding our future.

(If you aren't familiar with the site, or would like to add a URL to my
collection, please read "About All the Virology on the WWW" below.)

Thanks for your support of "All the Virology on the WWW"!

The Big Picture Book of Viruses:


The Big Picture Book of Viruses continues to prosper with many images being
added every week.  If you have a virus image you would like to share with
the public, or a Web site with viral images please contact us.

Survey Results:

As you might recall, in a recent ATV Update, we asked you to make
suggestions about what the site should be focusing on in the near future.
We made four potential suggestions:

1. An expanded and enhanced series of pages for specific virus families,
   allowing direct connections to images, research sites, disease
   information, etc.

2. A more complete series of on-line tutorials and courses, a virtual
   "On-Line Field's Virology".

3. A chat and discussion group capability, with a focus on virology.

4. General information about viruses for non-professionals

Of the hundreds of responses received, the breakdown turned out to be
something like this:

	1.  34%  Virus Families
	2.  35%  "On-Line Field's Virology"
	3.  13%  Chat or discussion groups
	4.  18%	 General Information

While a huge number of very constructive comments are not reflected in
these simple results, they have all had an impact on our thinking.  Our
interpretation of these results is that All the Virology on the WWW in on
the right track as perceived by our regular users.  Items # 1 and 2 are
closest to our previous mission, and this survey has convinced us to stay
on track.  Thank you very much for your participation!


                About All the Virology on the WWW:


This comprehensive page lists Servers for Science Jobs, Government
Agencies, Electronic Journals, Scientific Societies, Patent and Legal
Resources, Scientific Companies, Epidemiology and Public Health, and
other Health Related Sites in addition to General Virology, Specific
Viruses, Microbiology, AIDS, Emerging Viruses, and much, much more.

This site is maintained and updated often.  Any submissions, additions or
corrections that you might have would be very much appreciated, and can
be made using the following form:


With your assistance, this Web Site will continue to be the best
resource of its kind on the Web.  For those of you who maintain your own
Web Pages, please send me your address if it doesn't already appear on
mine,  and I will gladly add it to the list.


(Please note that netiquette forbids us from sending out information releases
to those individuals who do not wish to receive them.  Our distribution
list is small and hand selected.  All recipients of our releases were
gleaned after a visit to your Internet site or from a request to be
included.  On rare occasions we make a mistake and inadvertently send out
material which you may not wish to receive.  Please send us a nice note and
we will remove you from our list immediately).


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