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[Announce] Molecular Graphics & Modelling Electronic Conference 2

Malcolm Gillies gillies at cmcind.far.ruu.nl
Mon Aug 11 10:53:38 EST 1997

Second Electronic Molecular Graphics and Modelling Conference
October 6-17, 1997

    World Wide Web:    http://www.vei.co.uk/mgmec2/
    Email:             mgmnorg at vei.co.uk

The Second Electronic Molecular Graphics and Modelling Conference
(MGM EC-2) will be held on the Internet and World Wide Web
from Oct 6-17, 1997 and will cover a broad range of disciplines
related to molecular modelling, graphics and simulation methods
and applications.

Conference subject areas are: Protein Structure; Membranes and
Membrane Proteins; Protein Folding; Modelling of In Vivo Activity;
Knowledge-based Library Design; Surface Science; Host-guest
interactions; Carbohydrates and Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions;
Enzyme Mechanisms; Conformational Sampling; Nucleic Acids; Quantum
Chemistry; Structure-based Design; Visualization; and Perspectives.

Presentations of papers or posters must be prepared in Hypertext Markup
Language (HTML) with figures in GIF or other Web-compatible formats so
that participants can view the papers via the World Wide Web (The
presentations may also include enhancements such as 3D structures,
VRML, Java, RealAudio, Quicktime movies etc.)

Authors may submit WWW presentations for non-permanent display during
the conference, or for refereed print or electronic publication in the
Journal of Molecular Graphics or the Internet Journal of Chemistry (IJC),

During the conference, interaction, presentations and discussions will
take place via the Internet using a Java-based virtual conference
centre, WWW-based discussion forums and an electronic mailing list.
Before the conference, a timetable for lectures and discussion sessions
for each section will be posted.

The Conference will feature a Virtual Exhibition where exhibitors will
be able to describe the activities of their organization, display their
products and services and interact with registrants. Potential
exhibitors should contact the conference organisers.

Further information regarding the conference is available from the
conference WWW site at http://www.vei.co.uk/mgmec2/

Inquiries may also be sent by email to the conference organisers at
mgmnorg at vei.co.uk


If you intend to participate in MGM EC-2 please use the special
registration form accessible via http://www.vei.co.uk/mgmec2/.

In addition it is necessary to pay for registration via ordinary
means:  The conference fee will be 45 pounds sterling (75 US dollars)
with a special rate for students of 30 pounds sterling (50 US dollars).

DEADLINES AND DATES               

1) DEADLINE for receipt of ABSTRACT.

   The deadline for receipt of presentation abstracts is September 1.


   The deadline for receipt of papers and posters is September 15.

3) Refereeing Period

   The refereeing period will commence upon completion of the conference.

Molecular Graphics & Modelling Network (MGMN) mailing list

Conference-related news and announcements will be posted regularly to
the MGMN mailing list (mgmn at vei.co.uk).

If you wish to subscribe to the MGMN list send the following one line
message to mgmn-request at vei.co.uk

subscribe mgmn at vei.co.uk your_email at address

To unsubscribe send the following message:

unsubscribe mgmn at vei.co.uk your_email at address
Posted by Malcolm Gillies <malcolm at vei.co.uk>
Molecular Modelling Coordinator
Virtual Environments International, Oxford UK

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