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Fri Feb 7 14:38:08 EST 1997

BMERC/MBCRR Bulletin:  February 1997
WWW interface for searching several Genomes at once: (NEW--Includes E.
The E. Coli genome has just been sequenced as of the last week of
At BMERC, we have added the E. Coli genome to our genome blast page.
The E. Coli genome is of particular interests to Molecular Biologists
because the vast majority of functions assigned to E. Coli have been
by experimentation.  Most other genomes have their functions assigned by
The complete and nearly complete genomes of Saccharomyces
Cerevisiae , Methanococcus Jannaschii, E. Coli, and Bacillus Subtilis
now available. Our WWW Blast interface allows you to search,
using your sequence, against two subsets of the available putative
open reading frames of these genomes using blastp.
A Search Against Annotated ORF's and a Search Against Unannotated
ORF's of these genomes are the search options available from this page.
Your output will consist of detailed references for the significant
blast matches and the raw blast output. The detailed references consist
of a reference key, the annotation where available, the protein
sequence, and the dna for the ORF's.
We are also providing a tool for function keyword searching.We have
built a table that relates E. Coli to the other three main genomes
using blast with a Karlan Altschul score of < 10E-17.
This keyword searching tool will print a list of every sequence
that is close to the E. Coli gene of the cluster where the keyword is
The WWW address for our Blast Genome Analysis blast page is:

The WWW address for the E Coli functional search is:


If you have any questions/comments on this WWW page, please
send them to Jim Freeman at jfreeman at darwin.bu.edu

Jim Freeman  P: mammon at tiac.net W: jfreeman at darwin.bu.edu
Programmer/Analyst at Bio-Molecular Engineering Center at BU
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