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[SE] Advanced BLAST2 Search Server !

Yanping.Yuan at quail.EMBL-Heidelberg.de Yanping.Yuan at quail.EMBL-Heidelberg.de
Thu Feb 20 02:11:17 EST 1997

 Dear all,
 We, the Bork group of EMBL's Biocomuting Unit 
 (http://www.bork.embl-heidelberg.de/), would like to announce 
 the immediate availability of the Advanced BLAST2 Search Service. 
 The URL address is:


 This BLAST2 search service is based on the Washington University BLAST 
 2.0a6 Version (BLAST2).
 BLAST2 differs from BLAST1 in providing gapped alignments for your 
 query sequences. In addition, we have incorporated a parser which 
 allows an overview of the HSP hits aligned against your query sequence.
 When using this server service, you'll receive your result in HTML so that 
 you can easily scroll around the BLAST output. As the BLAST2 version 
 supports the use of multiprocessors and this BLAST2 server has been set up 
 on a multiprocessor system, your search request will usually be completed 
 The Washington University BLAST 2.0 version [Vers. 2.0a6] has been kindly
 provided by Warren Gish via the St. Louis server (http://blast.wustl.edu/). 
 In BLAST2, gapped alignments are integral to the database search itself, 
 yielding significantly increased sensitivity. 

 The input form to this server is designed according to the advanced blast 
 version provided by NCBI (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/cgi-bin/BLAST/\
 nph-blast?Jform=1). The idea for the output format is adapted from the 
 BEAUTY BLAST-postprocessing server at the Baylor College of Medicine 
 (Houston, http://dot.imgen.bcm.tmc.edu:9331/seq-search/protein-search.html).

 This server will be continuously updated so that the formates and links 
 to other searchable databases and sequence retrieval infosystems might
 slightly change in the future. Thanks!

 Sincerely yours,
 Yan P. Yuan, Jianmei Lai, and Peer Bork.
 Yan P. Yuan (#) 
 Bork Group - Biocomputing Unit - EMBL

 (#) Yuan's URL addresses:
 at EMBL - Bork group:

 at DKFZ - M. Vingron's Bioinformatics group:


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