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[ANNOUNCE] MView 1.36: extract alignments from blast/fasta/other

Nigel Brown brown at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Sep 2 02:41:55 EST 1998

MView, release 1.36


MView is a free tool for converting the results of a sequence database
search into the form of a multiple alignment of hits stacked against the
query. For completeness, existing multiple alignments can be post-processed
in the same way. A typical application is the generation of a colorized Web
page from a BLAST or FASTA search allowing quick assessment of the hits in
terms of sequence conservation patterns alongside the scoring information.

Currently recognised input formats include: FASTA, TFASTX, BLASTP,
CLUSTAL, MaxHom/HSSP, but see the Web page for the most recent information.
Alternative output formats are also supported: plain text, Pearson/FASTA,
PIR, and MSF, for export to other programs.

MView allows filtering of the input by score, e-value thresholds, psi-blast
search cycle, etc., provides a choice of coloring schemes and palettes for
protein or nucleotide sequences, and can generate consensus patterns.

This software requires Perl (version 5) and runs on UNIX systems.

See http://www.sander.ebi.ac.uk/mview/ for details and ftp/installation
instructions, and also the article: Brown, N.P., Leroy C., Sander
C. (1998). MView: A Web compatible database search or multiple alignment
viewer. Bioinformatics. 14(4):380-381.

 Nigel P. Brown,                                     Nigel.Brown at ebi.ac.uk 
 http://www.sander.ebi.ac.uk/~brown/    Tel: +44 (0)1223 494 451  FAX: 468
 European Bioinformatics Institute,   Hinxton,    Cambridge CB10 1SD,   UK

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