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ANNOUNCE: Open Source Bioinformatics Software Admin at Bioinformatics.org

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Fri Aug 4 12:28:16 EST 2000


                The SourceForge Project Management System

                             Available Now at

                     Bioinformatics.org: The Open Lab

Bioinformatics.org: The Open Lab is a non-profit, academia-based organization
committed to providing Open Source software for bioinformatics, hosting the
development thereof, keeping biological information freely available, and
opening access to bioinformatics research projects. The Open Lab is a
focused on the freedom of information as it pertains to bioinformatics, sorely
needed in this, one of the most commercial of all scientific endeavors.  We
would like to bring together everyone who holds true to that philosophy,
especially those who are developing Open Source bioinformatics software.

The Open Lab now has a custom installation of the SourceForge project
system, the same system that is hosting more than 6,000 generic, Open Source
projects at SourceForge.net. We are also working on "open information
(freely available education, portal services, and databases) and will be
experimenting with "open research projects" (open participation in
bioinformatics research).

With the installation and customization of the SourceForge system, The Open
Lab now offers a cornucopia of services to the developers of Open Source
bioinformatics software:

*  Advanced web-based administrative tools providing easy maintenance for all
aspects of your project:

  o  Bug-Tracking System
  o  Task Manager
  o  News System
  o  Discussion Forums
  o  Public Surveys
  o  File Release Management

*  An SSH account that provides basic shell functions, your own crontab, and
access to your HTTP directory

*  A Web site for your project:

  o  Four URL's


  o  Domain name hosting (mapping to our server)
  o  Apache mods, SSL, PHP3 and CGI support
  o  Detailed Web site statistics

*  Quota-less drive space (within reason)

*  Access to the MySQL DBMS from your shell account and web server

*  The Mailman mailing list manager

*  Your own CVS modules, available anonymously to the outside world

*  A Web interface for examining CVS modules

*  Full read/write access to your own FTP directory, available anonymously to
the outside world

*  An e-mail address for yourself:

  o  Four addresses

  o  IMAP4 access
  o  Or alias the addresses to your current address

We also offer services for developer and non-developer alike:

*  Bioinformatics News:

  o  Focusing on news about the freedom of information as it pertains
     to bioinformatics
  o  Featured authors
  o  Book reviews

*  Various portal features (under development):

  o  Calendar of bioinformatics conferences
  o  Glossary
  o  Polls

*  Internet-based tools for bioinformatics

  o  Most of which happen to be projects already based at The Open Lab

Future plans include the availability of various hardware and software
platforms for testing and compiling bioinformatics software.  A large cluster
for hosting compute-intensive algorithms is also on the horizon.  As a member,
you will have access to these servers.

Stop by and check us out.  The address is easy to remember:


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