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Kevin Karplus karplus at cse.ucsc.edu
Thu Mar 16 15:41:50 EST 2000

In article <8aqseq$h8q$1 at mercury.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk>, Dr. Andrew M. Kropinski <kropinsk at post.queensu.ca> writes:
|> "Online Analysis Tools" is a compendium of annotated online sites for
|> the analysis of  nucleic acids (restriction maps, promoter sites,
|> repeats etc.) and proteins (chemical analysis, secondary structure,
|> motifs etc.).  It also lists sites for database searches (BLAST, FASTA
|> etc.) and phylogenetic analysis.  While the chosen sites emphasize those
|> of use to molecular microbiologists they are useful for molecular
|> biologists working with eukaryotes as well. This site is updated
|> regularly.
|> http://www.queensu.ca/micr/faculty/kropinski/online.html

I'd like to suggest some other sites to add to this one.
The best secondary structure prediction for proteins at CASP3 was

A new site that does search, multiple alignment, fold recognition, and
secondary structure prediction for proteins with one easy interface is ours:
(I think that our secondary structure predictor may now be better than
PSIPRED, with about 78% correct prediction, but I understand PSIPRED
has made improvements over the last couple of years also.)

These sites might be useful to add to "Online Analysis Tools" suite.
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