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Thu May 30 09:17:54 EST 2002

Dear BIO-WWW members,


AgBioForum Special Issue
"Bio-Based Products"

 "What if the future of manufacturing was still in plastic, but not plastic from petroleum-rather, biotech plastic made from corn?"  - CBS News, Feb. 7, 2002
The coming era of industrial biotechnology will revolutionize the production of plastics, textiles, fuels, and other high-tech materials from agricultural products. This new form of agbiotechnology will have far-reaching impacts on farmers, researchers, business, industry, and consumers worldwide. Some of the applications or products may include:
* Plant-based plastics
* Renewable fuels (such as ethanol or biodiesel)
* Carbon sequestration
* Bioengineered forestry
* Innovative uses for oilseed crops - detergents, inks, resins, lubricants, drugs, etc.
* New sources for paper, rubber, and other materials
* Development of new uses for agricultural waste products (peanut hulls, wheat straw, etc.)
* Phytoremediation (oil-spill cleanup, toxic waste, heavy metals, etc.)

As these novel technologies develop, the editors of AgBioForum think it important to examine the current state of the art and the potential impacts of this rapidly evolving subset of agbiotech.  Possible paper topics might address (but are not limited to) any of the applications or products listed above, as well as:
* The legislative environment for bio-products 
* International trade in bio-based products

AgBioForum is a quarterly electronic journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on the economics and management of agrobiotechnology. Its readership includes researchers, university faculty and other educators, industry, government, and advocacy groups. More than a quarter of AgBioForum's audience is international, including readers and contributors from Europe, Asia, Oceania, and South America.  AgBioForum is published out of the University of Missouri-Columbia by the Economics and Management of Agrobiotechnology Center (EMAC).  AgBioForum is currently being indexed in the American Economic Association's electronic bibliography of economic literature (ECONLIT); AGRICOLA; the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL), and its electronic edition (e-JEL).
Interested authors should follow the AgBioForum manuscript format, as described in the "Submission Guidelines" available at http://www.agbioforum.org/submission.htm. We offer complimentary Author Services including:
* Online article submission
* Real-time tracking of the submission and review process
* An article statistics page which provides statistical information (number of readers, evaluation scores) and reader comments on your published article(s)

To submit online, visit the AgBioForum website (http://www.agbioforum.org) and use the "E-Submission" link located under the "Author Services" link.
The closing date for this special issue is December 1, 2002.  Of course, the editors welcome and encourage submissions of papers on the economics and management of agricultural biotechnology at any time to AgBioForum.  Please direct any inquiries to the editors of AgBioForum at editor at agbioforum.org. 


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