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Paul Deards paul at deards.fsnet.co.uk
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- Washington University Unveils $300M Genomics and Genetics Program
- Massively Parallel DNA Amplification Method Published
- US Scientists Warn CIA on New Generation of Genomics-based Biological
- Researchers Create Artificial Virus from Scratch in Two Weeks
- Emerging Field of Epigenetics Hints at New Culprits in Disease
- Major Advances Seen for Swine Genomics
- NHGRI Funds Next Generation Of Large-Scale Sequencing Centers
- Drosophila: World's First Comprehensive Proteomics Map of Multicellular
Organism Completed
- Japan's Toyota Tsusho Eyes Development of Genome-in-a-Day Sequencer
- Lice Genome Offers Clues to Halt Blood-Sucking Pest
- "Timeless" Gene Found to Play Key Role as Timekeeper in Mammals
- Data for 120,000 validated SNPs Released into Public Domain
- Bioethicist Foresees a Wild Frontier in Genetics Field
- Gene Expression Tied to Social Behavior in Honey Bees
- Human chromosome 6 sequenced completely in UK
- Genetic 'Pilot Light' for Puberty Found


see http://digbig.com/3fnn

- Soldier or worker... it's all in the genes: Genetic differences in termite
castes may lead to better control

- New genomic data helps resolve biology's tree of life: Researchers have
determined the number of genes required to chart a robust phylogenetic 'tree
of life'

- Sanger celebrates 10 years and 2 billion letters: The Sanger Centre has
celebrated its 10th birthday by decoding its two-billionth genetic letter,
and publishing the sequence of human chromosome 6.

- Finding DNA gold in the genetic desert: Vast regions of the human genome
thought to be genetic "deserts" may actually contain hidden nuggets of DNA

- The starmaker that shapes ear crystals: A new gene has profound effects on
the formation of inorganic crystals in the inner ears of zebrafish.


see http://digbig.com/3fnn

- The Genomics Collection: View a selection of recent genomics papers from
Comparative and Functional Genomics, Yeast, Proteomics, Human Mutation,
BioEssays and American Journal of Medical Genetics

- Proteomics: Protocols for disease classification from MALDI-TOF MS data: A
recent special issue of Proteomics explored the use of MALDI-TOF MS as a
proteomics technique, and techniques for data mining MALDI-TOF MS data. In
this paper, researchers describe classification techniques for MALDI-TOF MS
protein data obtained from healthy and diseased groups.

- Lab Notes: Personal perspectives on genomics research: Levente Bodrossy
argues that while the exponentially increasing public16S rRNA database
revolutionised almost all fields of microbiology, another wave of dramatic
advancements in medical, veterinary and food microbiology is hampered by the
lack of a similar phylogenetic sequence database.

- Post-normalization quality assessment visualization of microarray data: In
this paper, taken from the latest issue of Comparative and Functional
Genomics, statistical methods have been applied to the quality control of
array data, revealing such problems as mislabelling of arrays or dyes,
array-wide hybridisation problems, and normalisation problems.


see http://digbig.com/3fnn

- Extra Special Offer: 25% off "Analytical Instrumentation: Performance
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- 15% off all Wiley genomics books: Registered users can enjoy at least 15%
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- Comparative and Functional Genomics (CFG) - Free Trial Access: Free access
(until 30 Nov 03) to Comparative & Functional Genomics, containing original
research articles and reviews that deal with the systematic analysis of gene
function in complex and model organisms.


see http://digbig.com/3fnn

- UK: Manchester: Drosophila neurogeneticist (Postdoc)
- US: Purdue: Postdoctoral Associate/Technician: Maize TILLING Project
- UK: John Innes Centre: Microarray Experiment Analyst
- US: NYU Center for Comparative and Functional Genomics: Faculty Positions
- South Africa: Cape Town: Bioinformatics Positions


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