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Paternity question

Peter Kaminski kaminski at netcom.com
Thu Jul 1 03:09:42 EST 1993

In <C9Gs75.IG6 at ucdavis.edu> greene at neyman.ucdavis.edu (Mary Greene) writes:

>How many days from conception to birth?  Is it 260?

38 weeks (= 266 days) from conception to birth, 40 if you're talking to a
doctor (since they count from first day of last period, which is roughly
two weeks prior to actual conception).  Note that this is the peak of a
bell curve; "normal" deliveries can occur up to two weeks before or after
the due date.

>>If a man has A- blood, what are the blood types his offspring
>>could have (not knowing the mother's blood type)?

>Depending on the mother, his offspring could be A, AB, or O, all + or -.

>>To be POSITIVE of who the father of a child is, what would be the
>>next kinds of identification after the blood type?

>"Molecular genetic fingerprinting" (from, say a blood sample) can exclude
>almost all non-fathers.

>Usual disclaimers apply; I'm not a medical professional.


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