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What is the Human Genome Project?!?!?

Jason Burrell Jason_Burrell at fcircus.sat.tx.us
Thu Jul 1 01:20:34 EST 1993

In <9306290830.AA13323 at net.bio.net>, jordan at netcom.com (Jordan A. Bortz) writes:
> Excuse me for being an ignoramus but:
> 	What the heck is the human genome project?
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I would also like to know this. I am not a scientist, but a high-school
student who has been lucky enough to obtain a USENET account. I've been
reading this bionet group for a long time, but have posted exactly twice
(counting this time) :-) Genetics is one of my many hobbies....

How can someone patent a gene? If this runs like everything else, I'll
be owned by some biological research corperation :-) 

Last but not least, (I am being a REAL ignoramus; Don't feel bad
Jordan), I have seen some protein sequences that people sent to the
Blitz server. (I requested the help file hoping it would be intresting.
It was :) Could someone quickly explain what the letters stand for? At
first guess I thought amino acids but I'm 99.9% sure thats not what it
is. :) 
Please pardon me for my extreme ignorance.
---Jason Burrell

Jason_Burrell at fcircus.sat.tx.us
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