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What is the Human Genome Project?!?!?

Bruce Roe broe at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu
Thu Jul 1 07:22:00 EST 1993

In article <9307010620.AA01dc5 at fcircus.sat.tx.us>, Jason_Burrell at fcircus.sat.tx.us (Jason Burrell) writes...

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>I would also like to know this. I am not a scientist, but a high-school
>student who has been lucky enough to obtain a USENET account. I've been
>reading this bionet group for a long time, but have posted exactly twice
>(counting this time) :-) Genetics is one of my many hobbies....

	How very exciting to see a high school student with a USENET account.

>How can someone patent a gene? If this runs like everything else, I'll
>be owned by some biological research corperation :-) 

	Others already have answered this question earlier today.

>Last but not least, (I am being a REAL ignoramus; Don't feel bad
>Jordan), I have seen some protein sequences that people sent to the
>Blitz server. (I requested the help file hoping it would be intresting.
>It was :) Could someone quickly explain what the letters stand for? At
>first guess I thought amino acids but I'm 99.9% sure thats not what it
>is. :) 
>---Jason Burrell .. Jason_Burrell at fcircus.sat.tx.us


     Here is a list of the standard one-letter amino acid codes and their
  three-letter equivalents.  The synonymous codons and their depiction in
  the IUB (International Union of Biochemistry) codes are shown.

        Symbol 3-letter  Meaning      Codons                Depiction

          A    Ala       Alanine      GCT,GCC,GCA,GCG         !GCX
          B    Asp,Asn   Aspartic,
                         Asparagine   GAT,GAC,AAT,AAC         !RAY
          C    Cys       Cysteine     TGT,TGC                 !TGY
          D    Asp       Aspartic     GAT,GAC                 !GAY
          E    Glu       Glutamic     GAA,GAG                 !GAR
          F    Phe     Phenylalanine  TTT,TTC                 !TTY
          G    Gly       Glycine      GGT,GGC,GGA,GGG         !GGX
          H    His       Histidine    CAT,CAC                 !CAY
          I    Ile       Isoleucine   ATT,ATC,ATA             !ATH
          K    Lys       Lysine       AAA,AAG                 !AAR
          L    Leu       Leucine      TTG,TTA,CTT,CTC,CTA,CTG !TTR,CTX,YTR;YTX
          M    Met       Methionine   ATG                     !ATG
          N    Asn       Asparagine   AAT,AAC                 !AAY
          P    Pro       Proline      CCT,CCC,CCA,CCG         !CCX
          Q    Gln       Glutamine    CAA,CAG                 !CAR
          R    Arg       Arginine     CGT,CGC,CGA,CGG,AGA,AGG !CGX,AGR,MGR;MGX
          S    Ser       Serine       TCT,TCC,TCA,TCG,AGT,AGC !TCX,AGY;WSX
          T    Thr       Threonine    ACT,ACC,ACA,ACG         !ACX
          V    Val       Valine       GTT,GTC,GTA,GTG         !GTX
          W    Trp       Tryptophan   TGG                     !TGG
          X    Xxx       Unknown                              !XXX
          Y    Tyr       Tyrosine     TAT, TAC                !TAY
          Z    Glu,Gln   Glutamic,
                         Glutamine    GAA,GAG,CAA,CAG         !SAR
          *    End       Terminator   TAA, TAG, TGA           !TAR,TRA;TRR

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