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Salk Genome results available via WAIS and Gopher

Thu Jul 1 19:58:26 EST 1993

Rob Harper writes:
/>	Special thanks to Harry Mangalam at the Salk for implementing WAIS 
/>on our SGI, and to Dan Jacobson for pointing his GDB Gopher server at this 
/>WAIS database. Other Gopher server administrators are welcome to 
/>incorporate this WAIS database in their Gopher server if they like. 
/>Questions and comments regarding the contents of the database are welcome 
/>and should be directed to me.
/	I searched the directory-of-servers.src for "salk and harry" but
/	could not come up with any .src  Has your WAIS .src been registered
/	with quake.think.com?

Yes, they have it. In fact, you can try it out by logging onto their WAIS
client (telnet to quake.think.com and log in as "wais").
/	Would it be possible to have a copy of the .src posted here so that
/	gopher admins could incorporate it straight into their directories.

Sure, I'll append it to the end of this message.



clark at salk-sc2.sdsc.edu  (Internet)
clark at salk               (Bitnet)


   :version  3
   :ip-address ""
   :tcp-port 210
   :database-name "Salk_Genome_Center"
   :cost 0.00
   :cost-unit :free
   :maintainer "
        Lori Romberg, Molecular Genetics Lab, Salk Institute
        (619) 453-4100, x451
        romberg at molly.sdsc.edu"
   :description "
This database contains the results of physical mapping of human
chromosome 11, and other chromosomes, from the San Diego Genome Center
at the Salk Institute.")

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