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Timelords Vampires (LONG)

Mon Sep 13 13:56:00 EST 1993

z(Continued from last message)
          the vampire's flesh.  Sunlight has a DV = vampire's total
          exposure time in seconds/vampires BP.  Sunlight Damage is
          Type I.
     2.   Vampires that have been undead for fifty years or so,
          show a marked tendency to become careless as their peer
          group begins to obviously age and die.  A large majority
          of vampires never survive past this age.
          At this age, a vampire can stand about a minute of direct
          sunlight before they die.  This will burn them badly, but
          not kill them.
          For every decade of vampiric existance, the vampire
          receives a 1% resistance to the vampiric allergens, and
          is able to survive an additional minute of direct
          exposure to sunlight.  By sunlight, this refers to the
          direct light of the sun on the vampire, not the diffused
          light of dawn, etc.
     3.   When a vampire reaches 300 years old, there is a tendency
          to lose all touch with whatever humanity they might have
          once possessed, and go insane.  This is often fatal.
     4.   At the age of 400 years, a vampire's resistance to the
          sun jumps to an hour.
     5.   At the age of 500, a vampire achieves a reasonable
          immunity to solar radiation, as long as reasonable
          precautions are taken, such as avoiding exposure to
          sunlight at the intensity found in space, etc.
     6.   By the age of 1000, the few remaining vampires are
          totally immune to all allergins, and sunlight.
     7.   Vampiric POW is determined as follows:
          A base 5-50
               +1/Decade of vampiric existance.
          This is the vampire's base POW, and will regenerate as
          long as the vampire has fed recently.
          Added to this is the POW it has drained from its victims
          the last time it fed, minus anything it has spent so far.
     8.   Vampire populations run about 60% (under the age of 50),
          30% (51-200 years old), 8% (201-400 years old), 1.5%
          (400-500 years old), and about .5% (over 500 years old).
     9.   Invulnerability:

          A.   Plain invulnerability.  Here the being has a
               certain innate AV.  This is reflected in the
               "Natural" AV's of various creatures, but could be
               extended upwards to beings whose "Hyperdense flesh"
               made them "bulletproof" ala Comics.
          B.   Magical Invulnerability I.  The DV of a weapon must
               exceed the Power of the creature being attacked.
               Ba.  After the Power has been exceeded, only the DV
                    of the attack that actually exceeded the Power
                    is taken.
               Bb.  After the Power has been exceed, all the DV of
                    the attack that actually exceeded the Power is
          C.   Magical Invulnerability II.  The Power of the
               weapon must exceed the Power of the creature being
               attacked for the attack to be effective.  Once the
               Power has been exceeded then ALL the DV from that
               weapon during that attack is used.
          D.   Magical Invulnerability III.  This actually blends
               BOTH #1 and #3.
          E.   MI IV.  The creature is assumed to have an innate
               base effect of X for magical protection.  It is
               always on, without concentration, willpower
               expenditure, etc....
                    For example, the Evil Child Eater has a POW of
                    26, giving him a POW aptitude of 7.  Evil C.E.
                    has a base effect of 280 for invulnerability.
                    This gives him an AV of 40 (280/7=effect of
                    40) against all weapons oF POW 1.  This means
                    that normal weapons (or those that the
                    invulnerability is not effective against --
                    maybe silver or whatever) won't affect him
                    unless they are pretty powerful, but even
                    moderately enchanted weapons, or powerfully
                    applied lightly enchanted weapons will make
                    him sit up and     take notice.
          F.   MI V = MI IV, except that the creature has the
               capacity to improve his capacity for magical
               protection, by improving those innate powers of
               concentration and willpower he is using to give him
               the MI.
          G.   MI VI = MI V, except that it is a further
               expansion, allowing more concious control over the
               MI, such as letting the creature have control over
               the amount of MI active.
          H.   MI VII.  Invulnerability via regeneration.
               Basically, the creature has an always active base
               effect of X for healing wounds.  Short of instantly
               fatal results, or a lot of hits that overwhelm the
               regenerative capacity of the creature, it would be
               REALLY hard to kill.
          I.   MI VIII. similar in spirit to V.
          J.   MI IX. similar in spirit to VI.
          MIs V-IX could all be combined with natural physical DV.

          Non-magical vampires have Invulnerabilty type #1, and
          their AV increases, 1/decade of vampiric existance.  This
          means that our 500 year old non-magical vampire can still
          be brought down by an M16 with an AV of 50.  He can be
          brought down, though by any weapon with a POW of 1;
          Silver bullets or blades, and certain types of wood,
          depending on his Bloodline.
          Just to liven up the pot, we give the Non-magic vamps a
          +1/50 years regarding stun effects, and only specific
          wounds, such as decapitiation are fatal.  They get a
          regeneration of:
                   Lethal impairment - number of hours
                   Non-lethal impairment - number of minutes
                   Stamina Impairment - Half the imp. in seconds
                   Power impairment - Recovery when fed.
          Note that Allergin wounds will take the normal ammount of
          time to heal.
          Magical Vamps, on the other hand, instantly heal any
          wound whose DV is less than their Magical AV.  This means
          that a longsword with a POW of 11, hitting a 500 year old
          vampire does, say 13I (Max. 16I).  It exceeds the MAV of
          10, so 13DV is taken. 10 of that is instantly healed.  3
          then goes through the normal damage proceedure on the
          Added to this, Magical vampires, can have any one of the
          various types of Magical Invulnerability, as a part of
          their bloodline's powers.  As a rule Magical Vamps gain
          a magical AV of 1/every 50 years of Vampiric life.  Our
          five hundred year old vampire can be brought down with
          silver bullets or blades, specific woods, or a weapon
          with a POW of 11 or better.

Costs for vampiric survival:
          Nighttime or in properly

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