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XY question.... PLEASE HELP!!?

ROGER GREEN,MEDICINE,ST.JOHN'S,NF,CAN roger at kean.ucs.mun.ca
Mon Apr 25 09:44:56 EST 1994

In article <gcamp1-240494125833 at mac11.whartonef1.swarthmore.edu>, gcamp1 at cc.swarthmore.edu (Geoff Camp) writes:
> I was talking with a group of people about people whose XY chromosomes are
> "screwy," like XXY, etc, and someone recalled hearing about men who were
> for some reason EXTRA-masculine.  That is to say, they were very hairy and
> extremely aggressive, very MALE.  We wondered if it were in ANY way
> possible to get an set of chromosomes that were XYY, or how genetically
> this could happen.  Could someone be XYY, or maybe just Y ?  Thanks in
> advance to anyone who answers!
> Geoff Camp

	About 1 male in 1000 has an extra Y chromosome  This arises during 
the develpment of the sperm (second meiotic division) so that a sperm with 
two Y chromosomes is produced.  The vast majority of cases appear quite 
normal, although the men are taller than average.  There has been 
considerable controversy over the possible behavioral manifestations, but 
again the majority of XYY males function quite normally in society.

	A "Y only" embryo will not survive, since there are many essential 
genes on the X-chromosome that are not found on the (much smaller) Y.

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