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SURVEY - Things we'd like to see (commercial)

Andrew Thomas andrewt at r-node.io.org
Thu Apr 13 16:44:34 EST 1995

I am posting this for a business consulting company.  It is a
questionnaire on the subject of lab techniques, equipment and software
in the biotechnology field, with an eye toward introducing prducts
into those areas where respondents feel there are weaknesses.  This is
your chance to complain about everything from overpriced equipment to
ergonomic disfunction :-).  Please send responses to one of the two
addresses below:

	couper at magi.com
	andrewt at io.org

Thanks in advance,
	Andrew Thomas


                                                April 5, 1995

ADP & Associates
42 Rideau River Lane
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 0X1

TEL:   (613)526-5609
email: couper at magi.com

We are a business consulting company conducting a market study
on  behalf  of a research and development group interested  in
expanding into biotechnology. Our client is specialized in the
creation  of  new  and  innovative scientific  equipment.  The
object of this survey is to get the direct input of the actual
users  of  the  intended technology. Our client is  constantly
looking  to  develop  products that will simplify  your  work,
save you time, improve safety and reduce your operating costs.

In the questionnaire we have tried to find a balance where the
questions will simultaneously cover all our respondants  areas
of interest and be specific enough for their particular needs.
We  have  also tried to keep it as short as possible.   Should
you  find  that our questionnaire does not adequately  address
your  interests, please feel free to add your comments at  the
end.  All of your comments are valuable to us and all of  your
ideas  have  potential.  Our client is  capable  of  producing
products  with  a varying range of complexity, from  the  most
rudimentary test-tubes to specialized automation hardware  and
computer software. Should your suggestion be a starting  point
for   an   actual   product,   you   will   qualify   for   an
idea/development bonus of $500.00

We  would like to take this opportunity to thank you for  your
valuable  input. If you have any questions or require  further
information  please  feel  free to contact  us  at  the  above
address or telephone number.

If  you would like to be kept informed of our client's product
development, please print your name, address and FAX number at
the bottom of the questionnaire.

Yours truly,
A. Douglas Palmer.



1.   What   are  the  three  most  time  consuming  tasks   or
     procedures carried out in your laboratory?

2.   Is equipment used in performing these tasks?     [Yes/No]
     If so, what?

     If not, what would you like to see made available?

3.   What types of equipment or tools for research, production
     or management would you like to see made available to you
     (not currently available on the market)?

     What  improvements (not available on the market) to  your
     current equipment would you like to see? Please describe.

4.   What  types  of  equipment or tools, which  you  are  not
     currently  using, would you purchase if  it  were  priced
     lower?  What type of equipment or tools do you  feel  you
     are paying too much for?

5.   What dangerous activities do you regularly perform? Could
     they be made safer with better tools or equipment?

6.   What  are  some of the more "menial" tasks  performed  in
     your  laboratory?  (tasks which use up valuable personnel
     hours, taking away from research).

7.   Could  your  daily operations be improved by the  use  of
     specialized computer software?                   [Yes/No]

     What should this software be capable of achieving? Please
     provide as much detail as you feel appropriate.

     Log book
     Data Manipulation
     Data Analysis
     Product interfaces
     Simulation and Prediction
     Control and Monitoring of Equipment

8.   What  are  your fields of expertise? Please  indicate  as
     many as appropriate. (Please be as specific as you can).

     Genetic Research
     Plant Research
     Animal Research
     Medical Research

9.   Is   your   research   primarily   market   oriented   or

10.  What   is   the  size  of  your  laboratory  (number   of

     1 - 5
     6 - 10
     11 - 15
     16 - 20
     > 20

11.  Which trade publications do you read?

12.  If you have any other comments or suggestions please feel
     free to put them here.


 Work Address: 

        FAX #: 

email address: 
Andrew Thomas - President, Sakura Software Inc.
Watch for SCADALisp - Real-time control and UI language for QNX/UNIX
For information, email andrewt at io.org

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