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2b16salzbren at vms.csd.mu.edu 2b16salzbren at vms.csd.mu.edu
Wed Apr 19 22:12:17 EST 1995

I.The genetic aspect of weight loss
	A)genetic factors of metabolic rate (ie. hereditary)
	D)sex-linkage or any autosomal linkage of these or any other genes relat		ed to weight loss.
	E)case studies of families and the weight of each family member.  (espec		ially families with genetic disorders) 
	F)do certain genetic disorders contribute to susceptibility to weight lo		ss?
	G)genes responsible for enzymatic levels (enzymes which act on fats, sugars, proteins, and other injested foods.
	H)comparison of genetic vs. environmental factors on weight levels and w		eight loss.

I hope someone out there can help me a little.  I have a feeling this paper will turn out to be pretty interesting.


2b16salzbren at vms.csd.mu.edu

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