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popa0206 at po-BOX.mcgill.ca G.D.
Wed Jun 7 17:10:21 EST 1995

I have posted a few times before about 
a new group  bionet.molbio.recombination
that I will be proposing soon....

Here is the rough proposal... if you  have any comments please
send them!!!!

Proposal to establish RECOMBINATION/bionet.molbio.recombination

Proposed USENET name:           bionet.molbio.recombination  (unmoderated)

Proposed mailing list name:     RECOMBINATION

Proposed e-mail addresses:      recom at net.bio.net
                                recom at daresbury.ac.uk

Discussion leaders:

Graham Dellaire,  e-mail: popa0206 at po-box.mcgill.ca (b2xe at musicb.mcgill.ca)
Department of Medicine (Div. of Exp. Medicine), McGill Univeristy,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

George Szatmari,  e-mail: szat at ere.umontreal.ca 


Denis Cournoyer (Mcgill Experimental Medicine) (gene therapy)

Terry Chow (McGill): e-mail  MDTY at Musica.mcgill.ca
(mammalian genetics)


The purpose of the RECOMBINATION newsgroup is to provide a proper
forum for the discussion of issues pertaining and involving recombination 
of DNA or RNA, in its many forms (see _Topics of Discussion_).  Primarily 
it should enable those researchers who work in recombination or aligned 
fields to communicate ideas and information, as well as, provide a chance for
collaboration among national and international research groups.

Topics of Discussion include:
1. Gene conversion and ectopic integration 
2. Genome accessibility and nuclear/chromosome structure and recombination
                    -Matrix attachment sites (MARS)
                    -nucleosomes, histone 1 
                    -recombination hotspots
                    -fragile sites 
                    -origins of replication
3. Effect of DNA topology on recombination (Triple strand, Z-DNA, cruciform, bent etc)
4. Homologous recombination vs. nonhomologous or illegitimate 
                    -comparisons between bacterial, yeast and higher eukaryotic recombination
                     systems (ex. fungi, mammals) 
5. Models of recombination (One-end invasion, Double strand Break Repair, SSA etc)
6. Site-specific recombination systems (invertase, Cre and Flp recombinase etc)
7. Specific recombination systems in complex organisms
                    -VDJ recombination
                    -Antigenic variation and recombination (ex. trypanosomes, HIV, N.gonorrhea) 
                    -Yeast mating type locus 
8. Transcription and recombination 
9. DNA replication and recombination (ex. gene amplification (DHFR etc))
10. Evolution of the Genome
                     -retroposons (Line-1, Sine's), retroviruses and transposons
                     -formation of gene clusters and comparative mapping
                     -recombination between other repeat elements (alpha satellites, telomeres)
11. DNA repair systems and recombination (DSB and mismatch repair)
                      -including DNA repair deficient diseases (ex. Xoderma Pigmentosum)
12. Applications of recombination
                        -Gene therapy
                        -Transgenics and gene transfer
13. Viral diversity through RNA recombination
14. Population genetics and recombination:i.e. as a source of allelic variation
and as a measure of genetic exchange within and between populations.

In addition this newsgroup provides:

        A forum for the exchange of information about future congresses
        and meetings in areas of molecular biology relating to recombination

        A forum for the exchange of information about textbooks, internet
        resources, visual materials, and computer programs.

        A source of quick help for last-minute troubleshooting, sources of materials,
        and practical advice; in areas such as
                                      -Vector design for transgene experiments
                                      -Gene transfer techniques
                                      -Animal models and cell lines
                                      -Gene therapy protocols 

Subscribers are welcome.  Contributions within the functions outlined
above are encouraged.

The newsgroup is unmoderated.

Graham Dellaire			Snail Mail:
                                  Red Cross, Research		
McGill Univeristy                 Montreal Blood Services	  	
Faculty of Medicine               3131 Sherbrooke St. East         
Div. of Experimental Medicine     Montreal, QC, Canada           
E-mail: popa0206 at po-box.mcgill.ca H1W 1B2			   
B2XE at musicb.mcgill.ca							   
Fax: (514) 525 0881							   	
Voice: (514) 527 1501 ext 175 						  

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