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Questionnaire on "Surrogate Motherhood"

Four Students s936117 at mailserv.cuhk.hk
Thu Oct 5 02:14:29 EST 1995

               Questionnaire on "Surrogate Motherhood" 
	Hi, we are four of the students of the Chinese University of Hong
Kong and going to graduate next year. Now we are going to make a research
about "surrogate motherhood". "Surrogacy" means an infertile married
couple (i.e. "commissioning couple") to entrust another woman (i.e.
"surrogate mother") to give birth to a baby. After the sperm and the egg
of the "commissioning couple" fertilized, the fertilized egg will be put
into the surrogate mother's womb. The baby will be given back to the
"commissioning couple" after birth. 
	In this questionnaire, we hope to gather the opinions from
different people about "surrogacy". All the information is confidential.
It is appreciated to everybody who is kind enough to finish the
questionnaire.  Thanks a lot. 

(Please put a '*' as your choice.)
(Please mail to:s936117 at mailserv.cuhk.hk)
Personal Information:  
1. Sex:             [ ]Male	[ ]Female 
2. Are you Chinese? [ ]Yes	[ ]No 
3. Age:             [ ]18-24	[ ]25-32 [ ]33-40 [ ]41-48 [ ]49 or above 
4. Marital Status:  [ ]Single	[ ]Married (including divorced or widowed) 
5. Religion:	    [ ]Christianity [ ]Catholic [ ]Buddhism [ ]Islam
		    [ ]Taoism	[ ]Others:_______________ 
6. Education level: [ ]Elementary	[ ]Secondary
  	            [ ]University or other institutes
		    [ ]Others:_______________ 
7.  Have you ever heard about "surrogate mother"? 
	[ ]Yes		[ ]No 
8.  In a consultation paper (1993) in Hong Kong, there are the following
    suggestions, your opinion is: 
    a. Commercial "surrogacy" (i.e. where an agency or the surrogate mother
       makes profit out of a surrogate arrangement) should be banned 
	[ ]Strongly agree [ ]Agree [ ]Disagree [ ]Strongly disagree 
	[ ]No comment
    b. "Surrogacy" should be allowed only for infertile married couples 
       where no alternative medical treatment is possible 
	[ ]Strongly agree [ ]Agree [ ]Disagree [ ]Strongly disagree 
	[ ]No comment
    c. A woman who has never been married nor has had a child of her own
       should not be allowed to act as a "surrogate mother" 
	[ ]Strongly agree [ ]Agree [ ]Disagree [ ]Strongly disagree 
	[ ]No comment
    d. For "surrogacy", the consent of the "surrogate mother" and her
       husband should be required
	[ ]Strongly agree [ ]Agree [ ]Disagree [ ]Strongly disagree 
	[ ]No comment
    e. Proper professional counseling on the likely problems for both the
       "commissioning couple"  and the surrogate should be made an
       integral part of the process before, during and after surrogacy
	[ ]Strongly agree [ ]Agree [ ]Disagree [ ]Strongly disagree
	[ ]No comment 
9.  If you or your spouse is infertile, and there is only one choice from
    the followings, what would you choose? 
	[ ]Seek help from a "surrogate mother's" help 
	[ ]Adopting a child (please go to question 11 directly) 
10. Referring to question 9, why do you want to seek help from a
    "surrogate mother"? (More than one option are acceptable)
	[ ]Get rid of pain during labour 
	[ ]Maintaining the genetic connection (as the fertilized egg is come
           from the sperm and egg of the "commissioning married couple")
	[ ]Avoiding the inconvenience of pregnancy (e.g. losing working
           ability temporary)
	[ ]Avoiding the complicated adoption procedure
	[ ]Worrying about the adopted child's background 
	[ ]Others:________________ 
11. If the traditional concept of "Giving Birth should be followed by
    Nurturing" is valid, do you agree the "surrogate mother" would violate
    this concept? 
	[ ]Strongly agree [ ]Agree [ ]Disagree [ ]Strongly disagree 
	[ ]No comment
12. If somebody says "the surrogate mother would demean woman's status",
    what is your opinion?  
	[ ]Strongly agree [ ]Agree [ ]Disagree [ ]Strongly disagree 
	[ ]No comment
13. After the baby was born, do you think the "surrogate mother" has the
    right to visit the baby on a regular basis? 
	[ ]Yes	[ ]No
14. Do you think the child has the right to know he/she was born by
	[ ]Yes	[ ]No 
15. If the child know he/she was born by "surrogate mother", do you think
    there will be any ill psychological impact? 
	[ ]Yes	[ ]No 
16. To seek help from a "surrogate mother", there is a whole bunch of fees
    to pay, e.g. her living, lawyer's fee, hospital fee, etc. Do you think
    it is unfair to the poor infertile married couple? 
	[ ]Yes	[ ]No 
17. "Surrogacy" would arouse of some technical problems, which of the
    followings are likely to occur? 
    (Please rank in order, '1' - most common, '5' - most rare) 
	[ ]The "surrogate mother" demand for a higher reward during her
	[ ]The fetus is unhealthy
	[ ]The continuity of pregnancy will endanger the "surrogate mother" 
	[ ]The "surrogate mother" refuse to give up the baby after birth
	[ ]negligence of the "surrogate mother" leads to fetal damage (e.g. 
	   smoking, drinking)
18. If you are "commissioning couple", your child come from "surrogacy" is
    mentally or physically handicapped, what would you do? 
	[ ]Willing to take care of the baby 
	[ ]Not willing to but still take care of the baby 
	[ ]refuse to accept the baby 
19. During the pregnancy of the "surrogate mother", if the "commissioning
    couple" is divorced or one of them is passed away, what is the best
    arrangement for the fetus? 
	[ ]Continuing the pregnancy, and then the "surrogate mother" nurture
	   the baby
	[ ]For abortion if possible 
	[ ]Continuing the pregnancy, and then either one spouse of the
	   "commissioning couple"  nurture the baby
	[ ]Continuing the pregnancy, and an appropriate government body would
	   take care of the baby
20. In your opinion, which of the following people should be allowed to
    use "surrogacy"? (More than one option are acceptable) 
	[ ]Infertile married couples 
	[ ]Couples who are able to carry baby but not yet give birth 
	[ ]Couples who have been given birth 
	[ ]Single people 
	[ ]Homosexual people 
21. Which of the following people do you think is suitable to be a
    "surrogate mother"? 
    (For "Age" and "Education level", more than one option are acceptable)
    Marital status:	[ ]Unmarried	[ ]Married 
    Age:		[ ]20-26	[ ]27-33	[ ]34-40 
    Education level:	[ ]Elementary	[ ]High school	[ ]Tertiary 
22. Which of the following ways of "surrogacy" is the most acceptable to
    (Please rank in order, '1' - most acceptable, '6' - most unacceptable) 
	[ ]Husband sperm + wife egg + surrogate womb 
	[ ]Husband sperm + surrogate egg and womb 
	[ ]Husband sperm + donor egg + surrogate womb 
	[ ]Donor sperm + wife egg + surrogate womb 
	[ ]Donor sperm + surrogate egg and womb 
	[ ]Donor sperm + donor egg + surrogate womb 
23. If the "surrogate mother" is unwilling to give up the baby, in your
    opinion, which party can own the custody of the baby? 
	[ ]Surrogate mother 
	[ ]Commissioning couple 
	[ ]Government 
24. Do you think the children of the "surrogate mother" will have
    desperate feeling toward the baby in "surrogacy"? 
	[ ]Yes		[ ]No 
25. Do you think "surrogacy" can help to maintain the marital relationship
    of the "commissioning couple"? 
	[ ]Yes		[ ]No 
This is the end of the questionnaire. If you have any other opinion in
"surrogacy", please state: 

Thank you for your precious opinion. 

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