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(fwd) Botany of Skunk/Northern-Lights/Kush cross (fwd)

Alien Anthropologist an307269 at anon.penet.fi
Mon Apr 8 02:14:13 EST 1996

 People with a moral problem with a plant, please read no further (get an
 education while you're at it)

 Sorry to repost, but I got a couple of confused responses to this post
before and half of my post got chopped from the annonymizer.
It's not that I'm too curious if it was a polyploid, or even that
AFOAF wants to make it one, but more how to reverse a cross. BTW, when you
people want to put your clones on ice for a while, what do you usually do?
Is it a matter of using giberellic acid to form a male, and crossing your
hermaphrodite to get seeds? I'm worried the next generation will be
genetically inferior due to inbreeding. See if you can address all the
above and below questions for the good of the group, thanks...

begin repost:

  Last year AFOAF had the most amazing hybrid (what they say was a
  Northern Lights x Skunk hybrid. Unfortunately his/her last clone died, but
  not before s/he had a chance to cross with a Kush male. My questions
  stemming (no punn intended) purely from a curiosity standpoint, and a
  haphazard genetic education are as follows:
  1) Why did the plant seem to remain with only 3 blades per leaf, long
  after reverting from flowering cycle - would it ever have changed back to 5?
 Much more importantly:
  2) Is it possible to regenerate the original strain, either through
  reciprocal crosses and then subsequently producing an f2 generation by
  crossing daughter plants (with use of giberillic acid), or any other method?
 ie., if one raised the seeds and crossed the males with the females, and 
 took the second generation, could s/he expect a normal mendellian ratio,
 and select for parental types? Would one even be able to select for these
 phenotypes? Are all the seeds produced on one plant identical genetically
 or is there variation? 
 As an aside:
 Is there room for peace and love again in such a sterile world? You may
 want to step down from your moral high (no punn intended) horse and think
 of the devistation our civilization is leaving in its wake. Put on an
 album like Roger Waters _Amused to Death_ while you're at it. There's not
 much time. Free grass; free yourself; free the world.

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