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* transloc chrom help please

Simon Mercer mercer at mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.de
Fri Jun 21 09:55:07 EST 1996

Mr. P.F. Linehan wrote:
> In article <4pi13t$791 at dfw-ixnews7.ix.netcom.com> hk-miami at ix.netcom.com(HK) writes:
> .>In <4pbtu5$sfc at newsbf02.news.aol.com> kabass at aol.com (KABass) writes:
> .>>
> .>>I am writing on behalf of a frightened, pregnant friend of mine who's
> .>>fetus has a balanced translocated chromosome (breaks at 7 Q34 and 13
> .>Q12).
> .>> Her genetic counselor has not been much help.  Neither parent shows
> .>the
> .>>trait.
> .>>
> .>>She's found recorded evidence of abnormality with translocations at 7
> .>Q32
> .>>and & 7 Q36.  She's been told that even if a translocation identical
> .>to
> .>>hers had been found in a past study, the researcher would only have
> .>>published results if an abnormality had resulted.

I know I can't control what people write here, but as I have said

We don't know any of the medical background to this case

We don't know who is asking, or why

They don't know the credentials of the people who answer their questions

-- for all of these reasons, please THINK before posting replies! if you
know something (or think you do: you don't know the case) then you may
be breaking medical confidentiality. If you are wrong then you may be
causing needless upset to someone, or at least giving them the wrong
idea. In any case, someone's real-life anxiety should not be made the
subject of speculation and debate.

In my opinion, this woman should be counselled by a qualified
professional; if she is not satisfied with the treatment she gets from
her current doctor or genetic counsellor, she can ask to be referred
elsewhere. There really is no alternative if she wants reliable

If anyone disagrees with this posting, feel free to mail me directly.


(PS; my 'Dr' is 'Ph.D', not medical)

Dr. Simon Mercer                        
The Reference Library Database
+49 30 8413 1395 (fax)
mailto:mercer at mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.de

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