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* transloc chrom help please

Dr Van Buijtenen jvb at RSGIS4.TAMU.EDU
Fri Jun 28 09:58:52 EST 1996

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Simon Mercer wrote:

> Mr. P.F. Linehan wrote:
> > 
> > In article <4pi13t$791 at dfw-ixnews7.ix.netcom.com> hk-miami at ix.netcom.com(HK) writes:
> > .>In <4pbtu5$sfc at newsbf02.news.aol.com> kabass at aol.com (KABass) writes:
> > .>>
> > .>>I am writing on behalf of a frightened, pregnant friend of mine who's
> > .>>fetus has a balanced translocated chromosome (breaks at 7 Q34 and 13
> > .>Q12).
> > .>> Her genetic counselor has not been much help.  Neither parent shows
> > .>the
> > .>>trait.
> > .>>
> > .>>She's found recorded evidence of abnormality with translocations at 7
> > .>Q32
> > .>>and & 7 Q36.  She's been told that even if a translocation identical
> > .>to
> > .>>hers had been found in a past study, the researcher would only have
> > .>>published results if an abnormality had resulted.
> I know I can't control what people write here, but as I have said
> before:
> We don't know any of the medical background to this case
> We don't know who is asking, or why
> They don't know the credentials of the people who answer their questions
> -- for all of these reasons, please THINK before posting replies! if you
> know something (or think you do: you don't know the case) then you may
> be breaking medical confidentiality. If you are wrong then you may be
> causing needless upset to someone, or at least giving them the wrong
> idea. In any case, someone's real-life anxiety should not be made the
> subject of speculation and debate.
> In my opinion, this woman should be counselled by a qualified
> professional; if she is not satisfied with the treatment she gets from
> her current doctor or genetic counsellor, she can ask to be referred
> elsewhere. There really is no alternative if she wants reliable
> information.
> If anyone disagrees with this posting, feel free to mail me directly.
> Simon
> (PS; my 'Dr' is 'Ph.D', not medical)
> -- 
> Dr. Simon Mercer                        
> The Reference Library Database
> +49 30 8413 1395 (fax)
> mailto:mercer at mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.de
	I have mixed feelings about Mercer's comments. His points are 
well taken and should be considered before replying to medical questions. 
On the other hand if one posts a question on the internet it is a given 
that some replies will be useless, some will be wrong, and a few will be 
real gems, the source of which is unpredictable. On balance I think one 
should be responsible, but not timid in answering questions. 
J.P. van Buijtenen

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