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E-mail Address Spoofing

Robert Jones jones at darwin.com
Mon May 12 16:56:54 EST 1997

We've received two pieces of unsolictied email sent to the mailing lists
biochrom at net.bio.net and staden at net.bio.net regarding a color photographic
reprint service called TSP CUSTOM LAB. These emails appear to come from
'franklin at darwin.com' and 'prints at darwin.com'.

darwin.com is the domain name of Darwin Molecular Corporation in Bothell, WA.
These emails did not originate in Darwin and we have no connection with TSP 
CUSTOM LAB. The real sender has spoofed the 'from' address.

I apologize for this annoyance - and I realize I'm taking up more bandwidth
with this note. But I am contacting TSP Custom Lab and 'USA Internet' where
the original messages appear to have come from. I would be very interested to
hear of other messages that appear to come from darwin.com. The two that
I am aware of have the following Message-ID: lines

Message-Id: <jvosj7OX8GA.117 at graylady.usa1.com>
Message-Id: <yM6En#OX8GA.117 at graylady.usa1.com>

If anyone has any other examples (from darwin.com) I would really like to 
receive a copy of those, with the full mail headers if possible. I will do
my best to prevent this from further inconveniencing anyone.


--Robert Jones    jones at darwin.com

  Director of Computing
  Darwin Molecular Corporation
  1631 220th Street SE
  Bothell, WA 98021

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