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Thomas Burmeister tbu at gmx.net
Wed Aug 19 14:23:00 EST 1998

In article <000801bdc967$3cdbe3a0$33400ac8 at limanet.ets>,
esly at ETS.LIMAPERU.NET ("Esly Anderson Motta") wrote:

>we=B4re a group of pathologist, in Lima, Peru, some colegues told us =
>that you have information about nucleotides sequences.=20
>We need information about nucleotides sequences for PCR of Chronic =
>myeloid leukemia
>Do you have this information?
>               =20
>    Abelardo Arias Velasquez, MD.
>    E mail   ariasv at ets.limaperu.net
>                docs2 at ets.limaperu.net

Dear  Abelardo Arias Velasquez,
several BCR/ABL-primer pairs are used by laboratories concerened with this
kind of diagnostics. We are currently organizing an interlaboratory test
for quality asurement in Germany and I was really surprised how many
different (PCR-based) test systems are in use.
Here are two literature hints:

(Single PCR:)
Cross NC, Melo JV, Feng L, Goldman JM (1994) An optimized multiplex
polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for detection of BCR-ABL fusion mRNAs in
disorders. Leukemia 1994 Jan;8(1):186-189

(Nested PCR:)
Maurer J, Janssen JW, Thiel E, van Denderen J, Ludwig WD, Aydemir U,
Heinze B, Fonatsch C, Harbott J, Reiter A, et al (1991) Detection of
chimeric BCR-ABL genes in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia by the polymerase
chain reaction. Lancet May 4;337(8749):1055-1058 

(We are currently using a modified version of the second method.)

Good luck !

T. Burmeister
Dr. Thomas Burmeister
Free University Berlin

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