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dumb non-bio guy question

Marv Raybin raymarv at worldnet.att.net
Wed Aug 30 03:26:04 EST 2000

I've seen all this stuff on TV about DNA and the genome project and how the
helix unzips and then rebuilds the steps of the ladder with the A's and T's
and ...the other two I forgot.  And when the genome project is complete they
will have the whole sequence of all the letters and they are identifying
portions of the sequence that control one thing or another like a certain
disease or eye color.  That's what I think I know.  Now about my question.
I program computers and if you dump the memory of a computer you get a huge
string of numbers.  If someone gave me this huge string of numbers and I
knew how to program the computer the numbers came from, I could start
decoding these numbers and figure out what the program does.  So my question
Does anyone know exactly how any portion of this DNA code actually causes
something biological (step by step) to happen?  Or is all that still in the

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