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Tue Jul 4 12:56:22 EST 2000

Genetic Engineer schrieb:

> Hello,
> Dna Map of Man has been decoded. It is a great step for Mankind.
> Genome related discoveries are going to take place at a fast pace.
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> Best of Regards,
> Genetic Engineer
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It´s nice that nearly the complete sequence (97% I think) is sequenced
.That´s been a long work, but don´t be unpleased: Sequencing of DNA is
not the main problem of the HUGO - the major point is to decode the
sequence. That means: Find all genes, their expression products, and
then the complete realation between them in the metabolism!
Have fun while sequencing.

Hartmut Dost (ungraduated)   {2007: Ph.D. of  sience in


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