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Sun Mar 26 16:35:38 EST 2000

<< Subject: Please Help
From: michael harper bink1 at execpc.com 
Date: Sun, Mar 26, 2000 7:56 PM
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    Hello, I am a student doing a research report and wondering if
someone could tell me the comparison between men and women chromesomes.
Your help would be greatly appreciated!  Please e- mail me at
Pokahontas_402 at yahoo.com.
The chromosomes(with the exception of the sex chromosomes) are exactly alike. 
The male has 2 different sex chromosomes(an X and a Y).  The Y is one of the
smallest in our genome and it primarily determines male sexual development in
arly embryogenesis.
   The X chromosome is very large and nearly metacentric(submetacentric) and
females normally have two.  All normal females produce eggs with a single X,
and the male produces X-sperm and Y-sperm.  X to X fertilizations produce
normal females usually and X and Y combinations are, for the most part, normal
males.  So males usually determine the sex of the child.

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