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B Chromosomes

Rcjohnsen rcjohnsen at aol.com
Thu Mar 30 03:06:17 EST 2000

<< Subject: B Chromosomes
From: "Vanessa Long" vjl7 at aber.ac.uk 
Date: Wed, Mar 29, 2000 11:57 AM
Message-id: <8bsr0t$i3a$1 at dyfi.aber.ac.uk>

Does anyone here know anything about supernumerary (B) chromosomes and the
methods currently being used to characterise them?  I am also considering
the evolution of these chromosomes and would appreciate any suggestions on
how this could be investigated.  I am attempting to write a dissertation on
the subject and there appears to be a serious lack of published information
on the subject.

Thank you.


Try these papers in your science library.  Meanwhile I'll see if I can get
these on line.  Also try Pubmed search at Entrez using Key words B satellite
Chromosomes and then B Supernumerary Chromosomes.  In Entrez you can click on
related articles and then click on display. The Stark paper looks interesting.

1: Wilkes TM, Francki MG, Langridge P, Karp A, Jones RN, Forster JW.
Analysis of rye B-chromosome structure using fluorescence in situ hybridization
Chromosome Res. 1995 Dec;3(8):466-72.
PMID: 8581298; UI: 96127277

2: Delgado M, Morais-Cecilio L, Neves N, Jones RN, Viegas W.
The influence of B chromosomes on rDNA organization in rye interphase nuclei.
Chromosome Res. 1995 Dec;3(8):487-91.
PMID: 8581301; UI: 96127280

3: Nkongolo KK, Lapitan NL, Quick JS, Muhlmann MD.
An optimized fluorescence in situ hybridization procedure for detecting rye
chromosomes in wheat.
Genome. 1993 Aug;36(4):701-5.
PMID: 8405987; UI: 94010273

4: Morais-Cecilio L, Delgado M, Jones RN, Viegas W.
Painting rye B chromosomes in wheat: interphase chromatin organization, nuclear
disposition and association in plants with two, three or four Bs.
Chromosome Res. 1996 Apr;4(3):195-200.
PMID: 8793203; UI: 96385345

5: McIntyre CL, Pereira S, Moran LB, Appels R.
New Secale cereale (rye) DNA derivatives for the detection of rye chromosome
segments in wheat.
Genome. 1990 Oct;33(5):635-40.
PMID: 2262137; UI: 91085833

6: Morais-Cecilio L, Delgado M, Jones RN, Viegas W.
Interphase arrangement of rye B chromosomes in rye and wheat.
Chromosome Res. 1997 May;5(3):177-81.
PMID: 9246410; UI: 97389222

7: Stark EA, Connerton I, Bennett ST, Barnes SR, Parker JS, Forster JW.
Molecular analysis of the structure of the maize B-chromosome.
Chromosome Res. 1996 Jan;4(1):15-23.
PMID: 8653263; UI: 96263709

8: Peppers JA, Wiggins LE, Baker RJ.
Nature of B chromosomes in the harvest mouse Reithrodontomys megalotis by
fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH).
Chromosome Res. 1997 Nov;5(7):475-9.
PMID: 9421265; UI: 98081618

9: Jamilena M, Garrido-Ramos M, Ruiz Rejon M, Ruiz Rejon C, Parker JS.
Characterisation of repeated sequences from microdissected B chromosomes of
Crepis capillaris.
Chromosoma. 1995 Nov;104(2):113-20.
PMID: 8585988; UI: 96065152

10: Jamilena M, Ruiz Rejon C, Ruiz Rejon M.
A molecular analysis of the origin of the Crepis capillaris B chromosome.
J Cell Sci. 1994 Mar;107 ( Pt 3):703-8.
PMID: 8006083; UI: 94274784

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