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The World is changing: Do you want to survive?

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Sun Oct 7 15:17:40 EST 2001

misc_survivalism_moderated · Survivalism and Preparedness. 

This list is for those who want themselves and their loved ones to survive and prosper during hard times. 

War, riots, famine, crime, drought, flooding, fire, contaminated water supplies, inflation, job loss, and many more. 

Are you ready to deal with any situation? 

Join us as we learn from each other how to survive. 
This group is moderated. 

-Membership must be approved. 

-If you can't use respect and common sense in posting to this group, you will be banned. 

-Posts must be on-topic. 

On-topic: Food storage, firearms, canning, gardening, self-sustaining communities, back to basics, water purification, alternative power, conservation, homesteading, first aid and more. 

Off-topic: Politics, religion, current affairs, philosophy, conspiracy theories, New World Order, racism.

misc_survivalism_moderated · Survivalism and Preparedness. 

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