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[Chromosomes] Re: Blond Child, Brownhaired Adult

Agamemnon agamemnon at hello.to.NO_SPAM
Tue Sep 5 08:05:42 EST 2006

<vjp2.at at at.BioStrategist.dot.dot.com> wrote in message 
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>   What happens when a blond child has dark hair as an adult?  In the 
> largest
> Greek  parish in  the USA  (St Nik,  Flushing, NY)  half the  kids  going 
> for
> communion are  blond and both their  parents have black  hair.  Someone 
> (from

And are both their parents of Greek decent on both sides of the family going 
back for 5 generations ?

> Cold Spring, no less) once explained this  to me, but I pretty much 
> forgot. I
> think he said something that there are competing traits and the dark one 
> wins
> out in adulthood.  Someone also suggested that the darker pigment is 
> produced
> more under certain circumstances.  The above also applied to me, and I 
> became
> dark haired about the time I  started school.  (I do have adult blond 
> cousins

>   I  have also  heard  something that  when  people are  highly inbred, 
> the
> dominant gene  becomes more  pronounced, but  if they just  vary a  bit 
> (like
> marry from  a hundred miles away  instead of the next  village) the 
> recessive
> traits  do reappear?  Also  that when  folks tend  to be  undernourished, 
> the
> dominant phenotypes  rule more  strongly?  My blond  ancestors were  all 
> born
> before 1900  and my blond cousins after  1969; ie none during  the lean 
> years

Yer right, and a load of use before 1900 is. So were mine, but they probably 
had something to do with king Richard I back in 1200 and yours probably have 
something to do with the Normans as well.

> (1910-50) and  this pattern seems  (by casual observation) to  repeat 
> amongst
> all Greeks.   King David had  red hair and  there are some red  haired 
> Arabs.

King David is a fictitious character and even if he is based on a real 
person his ancestors came from Anatolia not Palestine so would have no 
connection with Arabs. If there are red haired Arabs then they are probably 
Scythes. Read Herodotus.

> I've seen  blond Arab toddlers on  NYC Transit and  as much as is  visible 
> of

Yer, yer.... in NYC. Then they are not pure Arabs but interbred. There are 
Lebanese who are blond but Lebanese are not Arabs, and anyway their 
blondness probably has something to so with Richard I as well.

> their mothers  seems dark haired.  There  are enough writings  of fair 
> haired
> ancient Greeks to make some sicko white supremacists web cites claim a 
> number

The ancient Greeks bleached their hair blond with lemon juice. Any inherited 
blondness was already in Greece more than 7000 years ago with the M170 P37 
HgI1b linage since that's how long it takes to form a sub linage, and was 
probably recessive several millennia before classical times.

> of them were  "nordic" or "Alpine" (actually the part of  Greece my family 
> is
> from, the  Pindus Mts, is  part of the  Alps, but this was  only 
> acknowledged
> after Greece joined the EU) and that they no longer exist.

And which Alps would this be. Pindus is part of the Balkans range.

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