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Listserver problems - workaround

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at NET.BIO.NET
Mon Mar 3 07:30:04 EST 1997

Unfortunately I am still waiting for a resolution of the mailing list
software problem at our U.K. site.  If anyone on the U.K. mailing list
at daresbury.ac.uk is annoyed at having to add manually the
biofilms at daresbury.ac.uk address when replying to the newsgroup &
mailing list (instead of doing simply a "reply all addresses"), you
could temporarily transfer your subscription to the U.S. site for now
which is working correctly.  (This applies for e-mail subscribers
only, of course, not people who use USENET).

To do so, mail to mxt at dl.ac.uk

unsub bionet-news.bionet.microbiology.biofilms

in the body of your mail message (text on the Subject: line is

To subscribe at the U.S. site, mail to biosci-server at net.bio.net

subscribe biofilms

again in the body of the message, not on the Subject: line.

To reverse the process later, just use "sub" and "unsubscribe"
respectively.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.

I also want to repeat a cautionary note given out when the proposal
for this group was originally submitted, so that your ire is not
turned against us again when the following happens.

This group is **unmoderated**.  This means that anyone can post
**anything** to it without interference.  It is still relatively new
and has not yet landed on the radar screen of the increasing number of
Internet spam artists.  Please do not be surprised if you start
getting hit with junk mail at some point.  We can always change the
newsgroup status at a later date if this becomes a problem, but would
need a volunteer moderator.  On a low volume group, this is literally
only a few seconds of work a day and the task can be rotated between
multiple people if the interest is there.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

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