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gene knockouts?

Michel Leroux mleroux at unixg.ubc.ca
Sun Nov 20 14:36:14 EST 1994

   I am a newcomer to NewsWatcher. I found many interesting newsgroups
(too many, in fact), but since I am doing reasearch on C. elegans, I think
that this newsgroup is a great idea.
   I would like to know if there is a relatively "simple" way to look for
an available strain containing a small deletion or point mutation in a
gene that has been sequenced during the C. elegans genome sequencing
project. I am presently studying a gene family encoding a cytoplasmic
molecular chaperone related to Hsp60/GroEL, called TRiC (TCP-1-Ring
Complex) or CCT (Cytosolic Chaperone containing TCP-1). There are two of
these genes on chromosome III, and they are fairly large (2 kb + introns).
Of course, it would be very advantageous for the C. elegans community to
easily screen for mutants in their favourite genes if they happened to be
present within sequenced regions of the genome. Is it possible to pinpoint
deletions or mutations to specific regions on the physical map?
   Am I asking for the impossible? I know that there are large balanced
deletions throughout large portions of the genome, but these are probably
not very useful for finding a single-gene knockout. I also know that one
can screen for Tc1 insertions-excisions by PCR but someone in my lab has
spent an enormous amount of time and effort trying this approach.
   Does anyone have any suggestions?

You can post a reply in bionet.celegans, but since I do not read it on a
regular basis (when I do read it, I end up spending way to much time on
it...), I would appreciate receiving e-mail, which I do check regularly.

My address is:  mleroux at unixg.ubc.ca


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