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C. elegans genome project

Steve Jones sjj at mull.sanger.ac.uk
Tue Jan 17 06:57:47 EST 1995


	The cosmid sequences from the C. elegans genome 
project are available by anonymous FTP from :-

                site: ftp.sanger.ac.uk
		directory: pub/databases/C.elegans_sequences

	The ftp site may also be accessed through our 
WWW server.


	This site not only provides an easy way of accessing
cosmid sequences which have already been submitted to the major
databases but also allows access to more preliminary sequences.  

	Sequences within the FTP site are not compressed. However, 
the FTP site has been configured in such a way that if you request 
a compressed sequence i.e. append .Z  or .gz a compressed version
will be sent. 

	The Sequence data is currently divided into 3 directories.  

	1. EMBL_SEQUENCES:  This directory contains sequences which
			    have been finished, annotated and 
			    submitted to the public databases.
			    The format of these files is EMBL format.

       2. FINISHED_SEQUENCES:  This directory contains sequences which
			       have been finished, although final
			       checks and annotations may not of been 
			       completed.  Because of this please be 
			       aware that some of these sequences may 
			       still contain some errors and are
			       subject to change from day to day.  

       3. UNFINISHED_SEQUENCES: This part of the FTP service is 
				currently experimental. It contains 
				all the contiguous sequences (>1000bp)
				from all the C. elegans cosmids being 
				worked on at the Sanger Centre.  These
				sequences are very preliminary and may
				contain both E. Coli and vector 
				contamination. However they will be 
				of use for mapping purposes and for 
					Each file will contain the 
				contigs for a particular cosmid. The
				contigs will be in fasta format with
				an unique identifier for each. 
					As these sequences are
				actively being worked on it is
				expected that there will be a great
				deal of change in the contigs each 
				time the ftp site is updated. 

PLEASE NOTE: This ftp site now contains ALL C.elegans sequence data 
	     existing within the Sanger centre and will be automatically
	     updated regularily. 

comments and suggestions to: Steve Jones (sjj at sanger.ac.uk)

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