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ANNOUNCE: ACEDB v4 Linux binary now available

Jeff Bryer jbryer at trog.mbb.sfu.ca
Fri Jul 7 23:22:11 EST 1995

I have just made available via ftp the Linux binary for
version 4 of ACEDB.  Thanks immensely to Ken Clark for
doing the actual port.  You can pick up the binary from
trog.mbb.sfu.ca in /pub/acedb as bin.linux.4_0.tar.Z.
This is based on the source code for the beta version 4
available from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.  We intend to make 
available a release version of the Linux binary
once ACEDB ver 4 final has been released.

As usual, for the C. elegans community I have compiled in
the current set of updates (4-6) and will be making
available an archive containing the Linux ACEDB 4  binary
and the C. elegans dataset (so you don't have to wait 
a few hours compiling in the data yourself).  
The filename is linux.4_6.tar.Z and is in the
same location as the linux binary.  Uncompressed this
archive is about 170MBs in size.  I don't actually
have access to the machine that has this archive on it
right now but I will place it on trog Monday the 10th
at the latest.  If you need the archive in smaller
chunks (for ftp'ing) please let me know.

What follows is the readme file for the Linux ACEDB version 4

Jeff Bryer
jbryer at darwin.mbb.sfu.ca


July 7, 1995

A port of Acedb 4.0 test 4_0b4a for Linux can be found on 

It will apear on ncbi.nlm.nih.gov when the official Acedb 4.0 is

Linux is a free Unix-like OS available for the Intel [345]86 platform.  
You can find out more about Linux in the comp.os.linux.* groups on usenet.

Acedb runs very well on Linux, but you will need a fairly loaded system.
I reccomend at _least_ 16MB of RAM and a 486/33.  You will also want a
large disk that can accomodate the database's growth.  More RAM is 
much better than a faster processor.  A 486/66 with 32MB RAM will
blow the doors off a Pentium/100 with 8M.  You should have 32MB of swap
for updates.

You should be running Linux 1.0 or better and the a.out
shared libraries (I am using libc 4.5.26).  Other versions
should work, but are untested.  Note that this release will NOT work
if you are running with only Linux ELF libraries.  I will release
an ELF port when the official Acedb 4.0 is released.

The port to Linux was very simple.  If you are familiar with
Makefiles and C, do not be afraid to compile it yourself.

  Ken Clark
  ken at darwin.mbb.sfu.ca

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