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nDf42 and itDf2

lmichel at lgme.u-strasbg.fr lmichel at lgme.u-strasbg.fr
Mon Mar 6 05:28:07 EST 1995

Dear mappers,

I received several answers following my request for information about nDf42
and itDf2. Here they are, as promised. Thanks again to those who have

>my own contribution:
itDf2 and nDf42 complement unc-42

>From Mir Hengartner:
nDf42 deletes him-5
nDf42 deletes unc-112

nDf42 does not delete dpy-11
nDf42 does not delete unc-76

>From Cori Bargmann:
nDf42 deletes odr-3, which maps between spa-1/eat-6 and arP3.

>From Erik Jorgensen:
Simon Tuck says:
itDf2 deletes par-1, him-5
itDf2 does not delete dpy-21, lin-25

my data:
itDf2 deletes ric-7 (maps right of lin-25, left of him-5)
arDf1 does not delete ric-7 (arDf1 does delete lin-25 and W02D10(arP2) but not
mes-4, par-1, him-5, or F53F1(arP3) -ST)

yDf9 and yDf11 are two deficiencies in the area that break between unc-112 and
unc-61 and break right.

all my nDf42 data comes from mir so i won't repeat it.  I have that it deletes
unc-112 but not unc-61.

> From Joel Rothman:
itDf2 complements mes-4, gut-2, zen-1(rrs-1), dpy-21, and unc-42, and fails to
complement ggl-1, him-5, par-1, unc-61 and unc-76

nDf42 complements dpy-11 and unc-61 and fails to complement rol-4, him-5,
unc-112, and egl-1

The left endpoint of yDf8 breaks between him-5 and unc-112

(Most of these data are based on personal communications from others).

Physical mapping data:

Based on PCR mapping, the itDf2 left endpoint breaks between cm16c1 and cm7f6
sequences;  itDf2 deletes sequences included in cm17g8, cm17g8, cm04g7, and
the par-1 gene

yDf8 deletes sequences in cm17g8 but not in cm7f6

nDf42 deletes sequences in cm16c1, cm7f6 and cm17g8

The left endpoint of yDf11 maps to ZC256(B. Meyer, pers. comm.)

So long,


Michel Labouesse
BP 163
67404 Illkirch Cedex
C.U. de Strasbourg
Tel: (33) 88 65 33 93 (office)
     (33) 88 65 33 91 (lab)
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