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I was unsuccessfuk with direct mail, Peter

fodoran at LUDENS.ELTE.HU fodoran at LUDENS.ELTE.HU
Sat Mar 25 12:58:00 EST 1995

From:	LUDENS::FODORAN      25-MAR-1995 16:58:37.88
To:	MX%"phunt at chiswick.anprod.CSIRO.AU"
Subj:	RE: strange patterns of inheritance

Dear Peter,

I dhave received a message of exactly the same text ... but my reply did not go
through. I have forwarded it to you, please let me know if arrived.

Shortly: I got comparable results when I crossed X-linked mutants of different
alleles of the same gene (dpy-8 e130 x dpy-8 e1321(ts).

Also, Dpy progeny segregated WT. Explanation: partial complementation in the
first, intragenic recombination in the second case.

If you use the same alleles, the genetic background of the parents may be
different. Some variations I can imagine (maybe wrong):

1.	An autosomic mutation which may remained in your X-any/X-any homozygous
strain which needed for the 100% expression in XX and X0 animals
homo(hemi)zygous for "any". If this mutation were DOMINANT, when you cross out
your homozygous lady-worms with a WT male, of course all male progeny is of ANY
as being heterozygous for this hypotetic dominant allele, let me call it Some.

So for a 100% penetration you need animals of any/any; Some/+ or
any/any;Some/Some or any/0; Some/+ or any/0; Some/Some genotypes.

When you cross back, half of the B1 progeny will be homozygous for
the recessive allele of Some, and LESS THAN 100% of your any/any; +/+
worms will be of ANY phenotypes.

But you did not mention what was the hermaphrodite/male ratio in your
cross. Neither the phenotypic ratio of the any/0 male progeny.

Can you speak about it?

2.	Mitochondrial gene under an autosomic mutation may also be involved.
What is the results of different reciprocal crosses?

(male progeny of any/any X +/0  cross; any/+ X any/0 male and hermaphrodite

3.	If I were you, I would make several OUTCROSSES first (in order to get
rid of the disturbing genetic background if I were interested only in any) and
then several backcrosses to have the missing data replacing my hypothetical
Some and mit genes.

I were extremely interested to know what wil be your final result and meet in
Madison with you.

Please reply.

		Andras Fodor

die not go thrhough.

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