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Mon Oct 2 17:16:24 EST 1995

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>>Hi!  I am trying to purify the homologue of a yeast protein in 
>>However, the yeald of protein starting from adult worm culture is low 
>>since I tried to sonicate them, proteolysis may be a problem.
>There is an article by Gbewonyo et al., (1994) on large scale 
>of C. elegans which may be of use to you: Bio/Technology 12:51-54.  You
>could also try using baffled flasks to increase aeration of liquid
>cultures, and hopefully, the worm yield...
>Ron Kagan

An appreciable amount of C. elegans can be easily grown in liquid 
culture.  I had a lot of success growing them for bioassays.  I simply 
took about 100 mL of NG media in a 250 mL flask, inoculated with OP50, 
grew overnight and inoculated with N2 worms.  After about 5 - 7 days at 
150 rpm 24 - 28 C, I had several thousand worms/mL.  You may want to try 
this with serveral Furnbach flasks.  It may be a lot easier than dealing 
with fermenters.
Let me know if this helps.

Tim Dvorak

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